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People Involved in Your Surrogacy

Pregnancy is a big commitment, and choosing to carry a baby for someone else will be a life-changing experience for you. But, while you, as a surrogate, will certainly be doing the majority of the work, this process doesn’t only affect you — it will also have an impact on your family members, friends, and other people around you.

In the articles below, you can learn more about how surrogacy might affect your relationships with your spouse, your children, your friends, extended family members and even strangers. Discover how you can involve those closest to you in your surrogacy process — and find the resources you need to connect with surrogacy professionals and other surrogates for additional support.


5 Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Surrogacy News with Extended Family

When you become a surrogate, it’s important that you create a surrogacy support system. But, how do you decide whether extended family will be a good...


7 Surrogacy Support Resources for Prospective Surrogates

Surrogacy is not a journey you take alone, so check out these virtual support groups and resources to find out more from those who have been...


Dating as a Surrogate [Discussing your Surrogacy Decision]

Surrogacy is a lengthy process that can last up to a year or more. While this process requires a lot of physical and emotional effort, you're...


How Surrogacy May Affect Your Significant Other [How to Involve Them]

When you're considering surrogacy, it's important to think about how your surrogate pregnancy will affect your significant other. Here are some tips for keeping your relationship...


How to Build Your Surrogacy Support System

When you become a surrogate, you will likely face some emotional challenges — which is why it's so important to have a solid support system.


How to Explain Surrogacy to Your Children

When you become a surrogate, you will already have had kids of your own — and explaining your surrogacy to them can be complicated. Here are...


How to Find the Perfect Professionals for Your Surrogacy

As a prospective surrogate, you’ll likely need to work with a surrogacy agency, a surrogacy attorney and a surrogacy clinic. So, how do you find the...


How to Include Your Friends in Your Surrogacy Journey

Did you know your friends can be a great source of support when you become a gestational carrier? But, figuring out how to tackle this subject...


How to Talk to Strangers About Your Pregnancy

When strangers ask about your pregnancy, you may not know how to respond. Here are some tips for educating others about your surrogacy.


Involving Your Parents in Your Surrogacy Journey

When you’re a surrogate, it’s important to have people on your support team. But, do you want to include your parents in this journey?


My Wife Wants to be a Surrogate [What does this Mean?]

Key Points: Learn how to process your emotions when your spouse wants to become a surrogate and dispel myths surrounding surrogacy. Find ways to understand and...


Should You Work with an Agency as a Surrogate?

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate, you’re also probably trying to decide whether or not you should work with an agency. Here are some of...


Surrogate Relationship FAQ [What you Should Know]

Having a spouse or partner can be beneficial during your surrogacy journey. But relationships can be complicated. While having the support of a spouse throughout your...


What if your Partner isn’t on Board? [Talking to an Unsupportive Spouse]

Key Points: Learn how to explain the surrogacy process to an unsupportive spouse. Discover ways to include your spouse in the surrogacy process. Find the support...


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