How to Include Your Friends in Your Surrogacy Journey

Did you know your friends can be a great source of support when you become a gestational carrier? But, figuring out how to tackle this subject can be tricky. Learn how to tell your friends about your decision and how to best include them in your journey ahead.

Your friends: They’re likely one of the true constants in your life. They’re there for you during the good times and bad, and they may be one of the first people that you turn to with news.

When you decide to be a gestational carrier, you’re probably thrilled at the journey ahead of you. But, you may wonder: How do I tell my friends about such a big decision?

It’s normal to be equal parts excited and nervous about sharing your surrogacy news with your loved ones. However, remember: The decision of who to tell and how to tell them will always be up to you. When you’re a surrogate, it’s up to you to make the best surrogacy support system for your journey. That may or may not include your friends.

If you think it will, there are a few things you should know before having these big conversations. Check out our guide below for some helpful hints and tips:

Why Tell Your Friends About Your Surrogacy Decision

First, you may be wondering: Why should I even include my friends in my surrogacy journey?

Friends are more than just people to hang out and get drinks with. They are people who will be there for you through your challenges and successes. And there’s no denying that being a gestational carrier can bring some of your greatest challenges and successes in your life.

As a gestational surrogate, you’ll need to create a surrogacy support system. These will be the people who are there for you during the hard and rewarding parts of your surrogacy journey. Your friends may be the ideal people to include. They likely live close, are familiar with your family’s daily schedule, and know you better than anyone.

When you include your friends in your surrogacy support system, they can:

So, when considering whether to tell your friends about your surrogacy plans, ask yourself: Who will be the best people to support my family and me during this journey?

How to Tell Your Friends About Your Surrogacy Decision

Now that you know why friends can be so instrumental in your surrogacy journey, how do you share this life-changing news with them?

You may have already shared your surrogacy desires earlier with some of your friends. For others, this announcement will seem to come out of the blue. Therefore, your relationship with a given friend will often determine how you announce your decision.

Your announcement style will be completely up to you, but here are a few options you might entertain:

How Your Friends May Respond to Your News

So, what are some of the questions and comments you might receive from your group of friends?

It’s very important that you are prepared to answer these questions before you start this conversation. Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of miseducation about gestational surrogacy. This misinformation may emerge as your friends react to your surrogacy news.

Be prepared for questions and comments about:

Friends can be a great part of your surrogacy support system — but you know who else can? A surrogacy professional. If you aren’t yet working with a surrogacy agency, or you simply have more questions before embarking on this journey, contact a professional today.

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