How Surrogacy May Affect Your Significant Other

When you're considering surrogacy, it's important to think about how your surrogate pregnancy will affect your significant other. Here are some tips for keeping your relationship strong.

When you choose to pursue surrogacy, you are making a life-changing decision that will impact you in many ways. However, you are not the only person who will be affected — your surrogacy will also impact the people around you, and particularly your significant other.

In this article, learn how surrogacy might affect your partner, and find advice for keeping your relationship strong throughout the process.

Talking to Your Partner about Surrogacy

Before making any decisions about surrogacy, you should discuss it at length with your partner and make sure you are both on the same page. If your significant other is not supportive of your surrogacy plans, or if your relationship is not stable going into the surrogacy process, there can be significant ramifications for your success as a surrogate.

Talking to your partner before and during the surrogacy process is the best way to overcome any challenges that you, your significant other or your relationship may face. If you are having difficulties talking to your significant other about surrogacy, or if he or she is not supportive of your surrogacy plans, consider meeting as a couple with a surrogacy specialist or marriage and family counselor.

Surrogacy’s Effect on Your Significant Other

Surrogates and their significant others might wonder how surrogacy might affect their relationship. Every surrogacy experience is different, and some couples may face more challenges than others. Here are some common ways your relationship may be impacted by surrogacy:

Keeping Your Relationship Strong During Surrogacy

Even the most well-established relationships may be tested at times during the surrogacy process. Here are some ways to keep both partners happy and ensure your relationship remains healthy throughout the pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a highly emotional time that can be stressful for any expecting woman and her partner, but it may be especially difficult for your significant other to cope with these challenges knowing that he or she won’t get the benefit of a new family member in the end. However, with the right preparation and open, constructive communication, surrogacy can be a positive and rewarding experience for both of you — and your relationship will be stronger because of it.

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