Finding a Surrogate Mother in Illinois

What You Need to Know

Looking for a surrogate in Illinois? This can be an exciting but overwhelming process. Start here and learn how to find a surrogate in IL who’s the right fit for you.

If you’re hoping to have a child through surrogacy, finding a surrogate mother in Illinois can seem a little overwhelming at first. It is, of course, one of the most important parts of the surrogacy process for both intended parents and surrogates in Illinois, because you both want to feel 100 percent comfortable with the person you’re matched with for your surrogacy journey. After all, you’re entrusting this woman with your baby for nine months!

These four steps will give you a better understanding of how to find a surrogate in Illinois to help you realize your dream of parenthood:

Step 1: Decide How You Intend to Find a Surrogate Mother

You’re not limited to working with a surrogate who lives in the same city or even the same state as you. Most intended parents and surrogates actually live in separate states, and they’re able to have whatever relationship they want, regardless of distance.

There are two ways you can consider finding a surrogate mother in Illinois or throughout the U.S.:

  • Finding a surrogate with an agency means that you would be matched with women who have already been screened and who are signed to work with the agency. The agency does all the searching and screening for intended parents in addition to offering most, if not all, of the services needed to complete the entirety of the surrogacy process, so agencies are considered a “one-stop shop.”
  • You’ll need to work with a surrogacy attorney if you want to learn how to find a surrogate mother in Illinois without an agency, as you’ll need a legal professional to complete the legal stages of surrogacy. You’ll search for a surrogate for hire on your own by networking or through word-of-mouth, and then you’ll vet potential surrogates yourself.

Step 2: Make Your Surrogacy Plan

A surrogacy professional, either an agency or an attorney, can explain the choices that are available throughout your surrogacy process, including how to get a surrogate mother in Illinois and throughout the United States.

Your professional can talk to you about your budget, how much or how little you’d like to stay in contact with your gestational surrogate throughout the process and beyond, your personal surrogacy goals and more. When you work with a surrogacy agency, you will also create an intended parent profile at this stage, which may be viewed by potential surrogate mothers in Illinois and throughout the U.S. who’ve been identified by your agency as matching what you’re looking for.

Before you can begin the matching process with an agency, you’ll need to complete the screening requirements. This often includes background checks, some medical testing and more.

Step 3: Match With Illinois Surrogates (or Surrogates Anywhere!)

Depending on whether or not you’re working with a surrogacy agency, the process of how to find a surrogate in IL or in any state will vary somewhat. Those differences are:

If you’re working with an agency:

When families looking for a surrogate mother in Illinois and the U.S. have met the requirements for surrogacy, they’re able to start browsing profiles of potential surrogate matches. At the same time, women with the agency will be looking at your intended parent profile and deciding if they’d like to carry for you. When both parties express interest in each other, then it’s a match.

If you’re looking for a faster option, available surrogate situations are also often listed on the websites of surrogacy agencies. These are waiting surrogates who are available to be immediately matched with intended parents who’ve completed the screening process and have met the requirements. You can learn more about available surrogate situations here.

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in IL without an agency:

Ask your surrogacy attorney if they have any suggestions about how to contact women who have expressed interest in becoming a surrogate. Although most attorneys don’t provide searching, matching or screening services, they may have recommendations for how to find a surrogate mom in IL. If you don’t already have a surrogate in mind that you’d like to work with, you might be able to find a surrogate in Illinois or surrounding states via “surrogate wanted” ads and surrogacy classifieds, social media or through your friends and family. You should also use caution when hiring a surrogate through the internet or ads, as many intended parents have been scammed when they fail to screen potential surrogates carefully.

Step 4: Support Your Surrogate

Many intended parents and surrogates have a close relationship and prefer to communicate frequently throughout their surrogacy journey together. Others may prefer to keep their lives more separate. Your social roles throughout the process can be discussed when you create your surrogacy contract together. No matter what you all decide you feel most comfortable with, you’ll still have shared something important together.

Even if you’re choosing a surrogate mother who lives outside of Illinois, you can still have whatever relationship you want to have with your surrogate. Because travel for surrogates and intended parents is minimal, long-distance matches are common and easy to maintain.

Finding and matching with the right surrogate in Illinois or in any state may seem like a difficult task, but an experienced professional can make it easy and exciting. Submit this information now to learn more about finding a surrogate mother in Illinois or anywhere in the United States who can help you complete your family.