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For many intended parents, looking for a surrogate mother is one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming, steps in the surrogacy process.

You can contact a surrogacy professional today to learn more about how you can match with a surrogate mother. But, continue reading to find out more about available surrogacy situations and how surrogacy agencies match surrogates and intended parents. 

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Matching With a Surrogate 

Many surrogacy professionals maintain an “available surrogacy situations” page to help prospective intended parents find a surrogate mother who has been screened and is ready to proceed with the surrogacy process.

Intended parents who have completed the necessary screening process and are looking for a surrogate mother may be able to immediately enter into a match through these surrogacy situations.

Surrogacy Requirements for Intended Parents

Individuals and couples looking for a surrogate mother often must meet certain agency requirements before inquiring about an available surrogacy situation. Generally, prospective intended parents must have a completed in-home assessment and background clearances before an agency will match them with a prospective surrogate.

If you contact a surrogacy professional about an available situation, you may have an opportunity to review the prospective surrogate’s profile. The professional may also collect information about you to share with the prospective surrogate.

Meeting the Potential Surrogate 

Once both parties are interested in moving forward, you will have an opportunity to get to know each other better before continuing with the surrogacy process.


Our partners at American Surrogacy can match you with a surrogate in 30-90 days, helping you meet your surrogacy goals sooner than later.

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