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How to Create an Intended Parent Profile

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One of the most important steps a hopeful intended parent can take in the search for a prospective surrogate mother is to create an intended parent profile. This profile combines text and pictures to introduce your family, your home, and your surrogacy goals to prospective surrogates.

Because it will likely be the first impression you make on a prospective surrogate, your intended parent profile is a vital piece of the surrogate matching process.

You can contact a surrogacy professional to find out how a surrogacy agency will help you create your profile. But, read on to learn more about the elements of an intended parent profile, and find tips and suggestions to make yours stand out.

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What is an Intended Parent Profile?

Your profile is a snapshot of who you are and who you will be as parents. It may be helpful to think of the profile as a brochure of you and your family; it will include a variety of information and photos to introduce your family and highlight your interests, values and lifestyle.

Every profile is unique, and the design and information included in your profile will likely vary depending on the agency you work with. In general, most intended parent profiles include the following:

  • A written introduction of you and your family
  • Information about your home and community
  • A letter to prospective surrogates
  • Photos that capture you and your family, your home and your favorite activities
  • Anything else you wish to include that makes your family unique

Whether you are working with an agency’s media team or creating your intended parent profile on your own, it will be up to you to gather the above information. If you work with a media specialist through a surrogacy agency, you will likely receive writing prompts and a checklist to ensure you have provided enough information to create a well-rounded profile.

Tips for Your Intended Parent Profile

Your profile should capture your personality and illustrate your excitement to work with the prospective surrogate and begin the surrogacy process. While your profile will be unique to you, there are some guidelines all intended parents can follow to ensure their profiles are successful. Here are some tips for creating a profile that will make a great first impression when presented to a prospective surrogate:

  • Be descriptive. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for a prospective surrogate to get to know you and to find a connection with you. Be sure to include all of the most important details you want to get across, as well as any information that will help paint a picture of you, your home and your family.
  • Tell your story. Share your reasons for choosing surrogacy, and don’t be afraid to tell the emotional side of your story. This will help a prospective surrogate better understand your journey and will help her connect with you on a deeper level. Also share your excitement about surrogacy as well as your hopes for the future and your relationship with her.
  • Respect the surrogate. Women who choose surrogacy make many sacrifices to help other intended parents grow their families. It will mean a lot to prospective surrogates to know how much you appreciate their consideration.
  • Edit. Always use spell check and look over your profile before submitting it. Having a clean and polished profile will help you make the best impression possible.
  • Choose photos carefully. If pictures are included with your profile, be sure to choose a variety of high-quality photos that capture your personality. Try to use recent photos where your face is clearly visible, and submit a variety of photos that showcase you and your family, your home and the activities you enjoy.
  • Include captions. Brief captions provide another opportunity to add detail and enrich your profile. Not only will captions provide needed context to your photos — they can also explain the significance of a particular person or activity pictured in your profile.
  • Ask for help. If you are working with a surrogacy agency to complete your intended parent profile, they likely have media specialists on staff who can provide suggestions, feedback and answers to any questions you might have about the profile process. Your surrogacy specialist has likely worked with many intended parents and surrogates before and can provide valuable insights into the qualities prospective surrogates look for in the profiles.
  • Be yourself. The most important thing about your profile is that it is representative of you. Don’t overthink it — the best way to find your perfect match is to be honest and let your personality shine.

Here’s a final tip for intended parents as you create your profile: have fun with it. While it can be intimidating at first to try to condense your personality, lifestyle and journey to surrogacy into a few sections of text and photos, this is an exciting opportunity to express all of your excitement and desires for your surrogacy journey. Follow the above advice, be sincere and enjoy the process, and you will find your perfect match.

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