How are Surrogate Mothers Screened?

The screening process depends on the agency with whom intended parents choose to work. Surrogacy agencies often develop their own processes and requirements.

When intended parents decide to pursue surrogacy, they are trusting that their surrogate is physically and emotionally healthy and ready to commit to the process. Surrogacy agencies often provide thorough screening services to gather important information about prospective surrogates, ensure they fully understand what they are committing to, and protect the intended parents in the process.

Most surrogacy agencies offer comprehensive screening services. Even if you find a surrogate independently, an agency’s screening services will ensure she has completed this essential step of the surrogacy process.

Why Surrogacy Agencies Screen Surrogates

Surrogates assume an incredible responsibility and provide intended parents with one of life’s most precious gifts. It is important to work with a professional who takes the screening process seriously. Thorough screening services protect surrogates, intended parents and surrogacy agencies in a number of ways:

How Surrogates are Screened

The screening process will depend in part on the agency or professional intended parents choose to work with. Surrogacy agencies often develop their own processes and requirements for surrogate mothers. In general, the following services are included in most surrogate screening processes:

Surrogate Requirements

The most important requirement for prospective surrogates is that they are ready to commit to intended parents for the duration of the surrogacy process. Throughout the screening process, surrogacy professionals will also ensure the prospective surrogate meets certain qualifications. These qualifications vary by agency, but most require surrogates to meet the following criteria:

Prospective surrogates will have access to education and support throughout the screening process to ensure they feel confident and committed to their surrogacy plans. Once a prospective surrogate has completed the necessary screening steps and has met all qualifications, she is ready to be matched with intended parents.

The screening process is designed to improve the chances of a successful surrogacy and to provide all parties with a safe and secure surrogacy experience. To learn more about a specific agency’s surrogate screening process and requirements, visit the following surrogacy professionals:

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