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The Hawaii Surrogacy Process, Laws and More

We’ve collected everything you’ll need for your Hawaii surrogacy journey and put it in the guides below. Whether you’re a hopeful parent or a prospective surrogate, we’ve got you covered. Here you can find step-by-step guides outlining Hawaii surrogacy laws, requirements, processes, professionals, local resources throughout the islands and more.

Surrogacy in Hawaii is one of the fastest-growing ways to build families, but before you undertake such a life-changing experience, you’ll need to give it the thought, research and planning that it deserves. We’ve made it easier. Let’s get started on your HI surrogacy journey.\


Becoming a Surrogate in Hawaii

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate in Hawaii, read this first. We’ll walk you through the steps of how to become a surrogate in Hawaii,...


Find a Surrogate in Hawaii

Looking for a surrogate to help you have the baby you’ve been dreaming of? If you need to find a surrogate in Hawaii, read this guide...


Hawaii Surrogacy Laws

Hopeful parents and surrogates are often unsure about Hawaii surrogacy laws. You might have even wondered: Is surrogacy legal in Hawaii? This guide will walk you...


Hawaii Surrogacy Process

This is the ultimate guide to the Hawaii surrogacy process. If you’re thinking about beginning the surrogacy process in Hawaii, read this first. For intended parents...


Hawaii Surrogacy Professionals

If you’re pursuing surrogacy in HI, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to work with the right Hawaii surrogacy agencies, attorneys, clinics and...


Hawaii Surrogacy Requirements

Do you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in Hawaii? There are physical, legal and emotional surrogate requirements in HI that you should understand before...


Surrogacy in Hilo

This is the first stop for intended parents and surrogates who are beginning the process of surrogacy in Hilo, Hawaii. We’ve collected all the best Hilo...


Surrogacy in Honolulu

Considering surrogacy in Honolulu? Whether you’re an intended parent or surrogate in Honolulu, you’ll want to use this local surrogacy resource guide. Find the top-rated Honolulu...


Surrogacy in Kaneohe

For intended parents and surrogates beginning the process of surrogacy in Kaneohe, Hawaii, this guide will be invaluable. You can browse through the best local resources,...


Surrogacy in Pearl City

We’ve made starting the process of surrogacy in Pearl City, HI, a breeze. Here, you can find all the local surrogacy resources you’ll need, explore Pearl...


Surrogacy in Waipahu

Surrogacy in Waipahu, Hawaii, starts right here. With this local resource guide, you can browse through the best professionals, helpful tips for local surrogates and intended...


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