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Surrogacy in Hilo

When considering the process of surrogacy, Hilo surrogates and hopeful parents will first need to get in touch with experienced professionals. They’ll serve as your guide through the often-complex stages of the Hawaii surrogacy process.

But, how do you find the right Hilo surrogacy professionals for you? How do you make sure they meet all your needs and can help you with every step?

We’ve made it simple to find reputable providers — by assembling them in one guide.

Here, you can find everything you’ll need for surrogacy in Hilo, HI. If you’re ready to jump right in, you can contact a professional now. Or, start by browsing through some of the best-rated Hilo surrogacy professionals below to find whatever you need:

Surrogacy Agencies nearest Hilo, Hawaii

Most intended parents and surrogates choose to partner with a surrogacy agency. Hawaii agencies and programs provide you with a primary point of contact and manage everything on your behalf, including screening, matching, case management and counseling. A surrogacy agency in Hilo is the most popular option for those who don’t have experience with surrogacy already.

Working with surrogacy agencies and programs is generally considered to be the safer alternative to attempting to DIY a surrogacy journey independently. Independent surrogacy journeys where people try to match via social media or through ads increases the risk for scams, and provides no protection for those involved, so working with a reputable and experienced professional is recommended.

Agencies that are able to work with Hilo intended parents and surrogates include:

Surrogacy Clinics nearest Hilo, Hawaii

Fertility clinics, sometimes called surrogacy clinics, are where the intended parents and surrogate will complete the medical steps of their journey. This includes IVF and embryo transfers.

Some intended parents will have an existing relationship with a clinic, if they pursued fertility treatments before choosing surrogacy. Surrogates will usually work with the intended parents’ clinic, especially for key appointments. If that clinic isn’t near her, the intended parents will pay for all her travel-related expenses for those appointments.

If the intended parents don’t have a professional in mind already, your agency may be able to refer you to a local clinic for this stage of surrogacy. Hilo, HI, has a few options for fertility providers, such as:

Hilo Surrogacy Lawyers

Throughout the legal steps of surrogacy, Hilo surrogates and parents will need to maintain individual representation. Your surrogacy attorney will work with you to create a contract before you begin the medical stage.

Contracts cover important topics like the legal rights of the intended parents, compensation for the surrogate, the risks and responsibilities of each party, how everyone would handle situations like pregnancy complications and more.

These local representatives may be able to help you through the legal steps of surrogacy in Hilo, Hawaii:

Maternity Hospitals nearest Hilo

One thing that you and your surrogacy partner will talk about when you make your contract will be a birth plan. In that birth plan, surrogates often discuss where and how they feel comfortable delivering the baby, and the intended parents can begin making travel plans to be there for the birth.

All of the surrogate’s pregnancy- and surrogacy-related medical costs, including the delivery and care of the baby after birth, are the responsibility of the intended parents. The coverage of these costs will be outlined in your surrogacy contract, along with the birth plan.

When deciding where the baby will be born, Hilo surrogates may find these options convenient:

Starting Your Hilo Surrogacy Journey

Selecting the right professional as your surrogacy guide is an important but very personal decision. After all, this professional will be your source of information, resources and support.

So, how will you know if a potential Hilo surrogacy professional is going to be able to meet your needs? Start by asking plenty of questions. Don’t forget to ask about:

  • The screening process that surrogates and parents need to complete
  • The requirements you’ll need to meet
  • If they have a matching program, and if so, what their process is like
  • Other services they offer
  • The average cost for the intended parents

Working with an experienced surrogacy agency in Hilo will give you the reassurance and peace of mind needed to enjoy this life-changing experience. Learn more about becoming a surrogate mother in Hilo or about becoming a parent through surrogacy in Hilo by contacting a professional now.

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