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Hoping to become a parent via surrogacy? Finding a surrogate mother in Hawaii is likely something you think about a lot — probably with a mix of excitement and worry. Many parents are concerned it’ll be tough to find a surrogate mother that shares their surrogacy goals and with whom they feel a real connection. Choosing the woman you’ll share a life-changing experience with isn’t easy, but finding the right surrogate for you isn’t as difficult as you might have thought.

These are the three core steps of how to find Hawaii surrogate mothers (and surrogates throughout the mainland, too):

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Find a Surrogate Mother in Hawaii

Your match isn’t limited to the Hawaiian islands. You don’t necessarily have to partner with a surrogate mother in Hawaii. The distance from the islands to the mainland can pose a unique challenge when traveling for the birth, but many families have managed it with success. Hawaii professionals are well-experienced working across the ocean, so this is rarely much of an issue. Priority should always go toward a genuine connection with a surrogate rather than physical proximity.

With that in mind, there are two paths for how to find a surrogate mother in Hawaii or in any state:

Finding a surrogate in Hawaii with an agency:

People who connect through agencies or matching programs have all been screened, approved and are ready to begin the journey. Upon meeting your agency’s requirements, you’ll be able to potentially match with women, and then the agency will provide everything you’ll need to complete the process. You’ll be able to view profiles of prospective surrogates who share your preferences and get to know them through mediated conference calls and even in-person meetings.

Looking for a surrogate mother in Hawaii without an agency:

Independent surrogacy means that you are responsible for finding a Hawaii surrogate for hire via ads or personal networking. In addition to learning how to get a surrogate mother on their own, intended parents are responsible for screening potential candidates and managing the necessary medical services. You’ll need to coordinate with a surrogacy attorney for the legal steps. This method usually takes longer and exposes parents to more risk.

Step 2: Match with Your Surrogate

Whether you’re looking for a surrogate mother in Hawaii or you’re expanding your search to the contiguous U.S., the process of how to find a surrogate will depend on which method you choose:

Partnering with someone you know:

One reason why people choose surrogacy is because a woman they know has offered to carry the baby. You’ll still need to work with a surrogacy professional to ensure that everyone is eligible and to complete the legal steps before the medical process begins. An attorney’s involvement is always legally required — even if you know the woman carrying for you.

Finding a surrogate through an agency:

If you’ve met the requirements of an agency, you can usually view profiles of screened and waiting women, and you could potentially match together. Some programs also offer available surrogate situations, which are opportunities where eligible people may be immediately matched together. Agencies match surrogacy partners based on their shared preferences for the process.

Looking for a surrogate mother in HI without an agency:

If you opt for an independent surrogacy, your attorney may have suggestions about how to find a surrogate in Hawaii or on the mainland. While attorneys can’t usually help with matching or screening services, they may have advice on how to find a surrogate mom in Hawaii through “surrogate wanted” ads or surrogacy classifieds, their professional network and other methods.

Always be cautious when hiring a surrogate in Hawaii without a professional’s protection — you may be at an increased risk of scams.

Step 3: Experience the Hawaii Surrogacy Process with Your Surrogate

Many Hawaiian surrogates and intended parents become bonded through life and develop close friendships. In choosing a surrogate mother, know how much contact you’d like to share with your surrogate during the process, so you can partner with a woman who has the same preferences.

When you create your surrogacy contract together, you’ll be able to discuss how involved you’d all like to be in each other’s experiences, your overall expectations and needs, and more. Getting on the same page allows everyone to relax and enjoy the journey.

Ready to learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Hawaii or on the mainland U.S.? Contact a surrogacy professional to learn more about finding your perfect match today.

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