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Key Points:
  • Learn the four steps of finding a surrogate in Florida.
  • Discover how to match with a surrogate with or without an agency.
  • Match with a Florida surrogate by contacting a surrogacy agency today.

If your goal is to have a child via surrogacy, finding a surrogate mother in Florida may feel like a looming challenge at first, but the following guide will help you find someone who you feel comfortable with.

Follow these four steps, and you’ll be able to find Florida surrogate mothers who you can trust to share in the most important experience of your life — bringing a child into the world.

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Step 1: Establish How You’ll Find a Surrogate Mother in Florida

The first thing you should understand is that you’re not restricted to working with a surrogate in the same city or the same state as you. In fact, most intended parents and surrogates live in different states and are still able to enjoy whatever kind of relationship they want to have. Surrogates in Florida aren’t your only option.

There are two different ways you can consider finding a surrogate mother in Florida or anywhere in the United States:

  • Finding a surrogate with an agency is where you’re matched with women who have already been screened and signed on with the agency. These types of surrogate programs in Florida do all the searching and screening for you, as well as provide most, if not all, of the services you’ll need to complete the entire surrogacy process. Agencies are a “one-stop shop.”
  • Looking for a surrogate mother in Florida without an agency means you’ll still need to work with a surrogacy attorney for the legal stages of the process. You’ll then be responsible for finding a surrogate for hire through networking or word-of-mouth, and then you’ll vet potential surrogates on your own.

Step 2: Finalize Your Surrogacy Plan

There are a number of choices to make in your surrogacy process, including how to get a surrogate mother in FL and across the U.S. Your surrogacy professional, either an agency or attorney, can outline these options for you and help you find the best methods for you.

Every intended parent is looking for something a little different and has different surrogacy goals. A professional will be able to discuss your budget with you, your preferences for contact with your surrogate, how to find a surrogate mother with insurance in Florida and more. Some parents are looking for a gestational carrier, while others are interested in finding a traditional surrogate mother in Florida. A professional can talk to you about the increased legal risks associated with using a traditional surrogate. Florida professionals, however, should be able to help you create a surrogacy plan that’s safest and best-suited to your goals.

If you work with a surrogacy agency, you’ll create an intended parent profile, which will be seen by women who may be your surrogate for Florida. This profile will be shown to women signed with the agency who match what you’re looking for in a surrogate.

You’ll need to complete the screening requirements before you begin the matching process with an agency. This typically involves background checks, some medical testing and more.

Step 3: Match with a Surrogate

The process of how to find a surrogate in FL or in any state will depend on whether or not you’re working with a surrogacy agency.

If you’re working with an agency:

If you’ve met the requirements for surrogacy, families looking for a surrogate mother in FL and throughout the U.S. will be able to start looking at profiles of potential surrogates. Meanwhile, women who are signed with the agency will view your profile. If both parties express interest in each other, it’s a match.

Some surrogacy agencies will list available surrogate situations on their website. This means that waiting surrogates can be immediately matched with intended parents who have met the requirements and screening process.

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in FL without an agency:

If you don’t already know a surrogate in Florida personally, ask your surrogacy attorney about ways to find a surrogate in FL or in other states. Ask them about tips for contacting women about becoming a surrogate for you, and only approach women who have expressed interest. While most attorneys don’t search, match or screen for intended parents, they may be able to give you suggestions about how to find a surrogate mom in Florida or in other states using “surrogate wanted” ads or surrogacy classifieds, social media or personal connections. Always exercise caution when hiring a surrogate through online sources or ads to avoid scams.


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Step 4: Enjoy the Florida Surrogacy Process with Your Surrogate

Intended parents and FL surrogates often have close relationships and choose to stay in touch frequently as they share the unique experiences of the surrogacy process. Others, meanwhile, prefer to keep their lives more separate and their relationship more of a professional one. You can discuss your social roles in the surrogacy process when you establish your surrogacy contract together.

Even when choosing a surrogate mother living outside of Florida, you can still share the type of relationship you want to have with your surrogate, regardless of distance. Surrogates and intended parents will only need to travel very minimally throughout the course of the surrogacy process, so long-distance matches are incredibly common.

What matters most is that you find a surrogate in FL (or in any state) that you feel comfortable with and with whom you can share this special journey. An experienced professional can making finding a surrogate mother in Florida easy and stress-free. Learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Florida or anywhere in the U.S. by submitting this information now.

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