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For those who wish to become parents through surrogacy, finding a surrogate mother in California can seem like the most pressing challenge at hand. And finding a surrogate who you feel like you connect with and trust can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

With these four steps, you can find California surrogate mothers whose surrogacy goals align with your own so that you can find the right person to experience the amazing journey to parenthood with.

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Step 1: Choose How You Want to Find a Surrogate Mother

First, know that you’re not limited to working with a surrogate who lives in the same city or state as you do. You can match with surrogates anywhere and still have the kind of relationship you want. In fact, the majority of intended parents and surrogates have a long-distance partnership. Surrogates in California aren’t the only women you can partner with for your surrogacy process.

There are two different methods for finding a surrogate mother in California or throughout the U.S.:

  • Finding a surrogate with an agency: you’d be matched with pre-screened women who are already signed on with the agency. Surrogate programs in California like these will do all the searching and screening on your behalf in addition to providing most, if not all, the services required to complete the surrogacy process in full. For this reason, agencies are preferred by hopeful parents who want a “one-stop shop.”
  • Looking for a surrogate mother in California without an agency: you’d still need a surrogacy attorney to complete the legal steps of your surrogacy process for you. You’d be responsible for finding a California surrogate for hire, whether that’s through word-of-mouth, personal connections or networking. You’d also be responsible for vetting any potential surrogates. This method is often preferred by parents who are already familiar with the surrogacy process and know the necessary professionals and resources they’ll need.

Step 2: Create a Surrogacy Plan

Finding out how to get a surrogate mother in CA or anywhere in the U.S. is something that a surrogacy professional, whether that’s an agency or attorney, can help you with. They’ll explain this and all of the choices involved in your surrogacy process, so that you can select the options that are best for you. There are many choices to be made in your surrogacy process, so having an experienced professional to walk you through the options available to you can be very helpful.

No two sets of intended parents are looking for the exact same things in their surrogacy journeys. Everyone has their own set of surrogacy goals and individual needs. A professional will talk to you about your budget, the kind of contact you’d like to have with your surrogate throughout the process and more. Your professional can help you create a personalized surrogacy plan that’s safest and tailored to your individual needs.

Intended parents working with a surrogacy agency will create an intended parent profile, which will be shown to the agency’s list of women who could become your surrogate in CA. Prior to starting the surrogate matching process with an agency, you would need to complete the agency’s screening requirements, which usually involve background checks and more.

Step 3: Match With California Surrogates (or Surrogates Across the U.S.!)

Depending on whether or not you’re working with an agency, the process of how to find a surrogate in CA or in any state can vary.

If you’re working with an agency:

After meeting the agency’s requirements for intended parents, families looking for a surrogate mother in CA and throughout the U.S. will be able to view profiles of potential surrogates they could match with. Women who are signed on with the agency will also view your profile, so they can decide if they’d like to carry for you. When both parties have expressed an interest in partnering together, it’s a match.

Sometimes, agencies will feature available surrogate situations on their website. This is where waiting surrogates with the agency can be immediately matched with intended parents who have met the agency’s requirements and completed the screening process.


Our partner agency can match parents and surrogates in as little as 30 days, allowing you to meet your surrogacy goals faster.

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in CA without an agency:

Hopeful parents who don’t already know someone who wants to be their surrogate in California can talk to their surrogacy attorney about tips to find a surrogate in CA or in nearby states. Attorneys may have recommendations for reaching out to women who have expressed interest in becoming a surrogate for you. Although most attorneys don’t search, match or screen for intended parents, they’re often able to give recommendations regarding how to find a surrogate mom in California or in other states through “surrogate wanted” ads, surrogacy classifieds, personal networking or word-of-mouth. Remember to always use caution when hiring a surrogate from an online source or ad, as you could be in danger of scams.

Step 4: Be There for Your Surrogate

Many CA surrogates and intended parents share a unique and close-knit bond throughout the surrogacy process and beyond. Many others prefer to maintain a more professional relationship with less contact. When you create your surrogacy contract together, you can also establish the social roles you wish to maintain through the process.

For parents who are choosing a surrogate mother who lives outside of California, you can still have whatever type of relationship you prefer with your surrogate, no matter the distance. The travel required throughout the process for surrogates and intended parents is very minimal, so it’s very common for long-distance matches to thrive.

The most important thing is that you find a surrogate in CA (or anywhere in the U.S.) who you trust and feel comfortable with. After all, this is the person with whom you’ll be sharing one of the most special moments of your life! Finding a surrogate mother in California can be easier and less stressful with the protection of an experienced professional. To learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in California or throughout the United States, submit your information now.

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