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Surrogacy for LGBT Parents

Today, surrogacy is more common than ever for LGBT couples and individuals who want to complete their families — and this exciting family-building method could be an option for you, too.

In most ways, the surrogacy process is no different for same-sex couples than it is for any other intended parents; when you work with an LGBT-friendly surrogacy professional, you will complete all of the same steps and have the same rights and choices throughout the process.

However, if you’re considering surrogacy as an LGBT parent, you might have some more specific questions about finding gamete donors, choosing an LGBT-friendly professional, establishing your legal parental rights for your child and more. You can find answers to those questions in the articles below.


Can You Complete a Gay Surrogacy in Other Countries?

Gay surrogacy in other countries than the U.S. can be complicated, especially as new restrictions are enforced. Here’s what you should know about the process.


Finding a Surrogate for a Gay Couple: How it Works

You can easily find a surrogate for your LGBT surrogacy journey when you follow certain steps.


How Do You Find an LGBT Surrogacy Agency?

There are a few things you should consider doing as you select an LGBT surrogacy agency that’s right for you.


How Do You Protect Your Parental Rights in LGBT Surrogacy?

Whether it’s through a pre- or post-birth order or a stepparent or second parent adoption, you will need to take legal steps to protect your parental...


Surrogacy or Adoption? Possible Baby Options for Gay Couples

When you’re an LGBT individual wanting to add to your family, you have a couple of paths available to you.


What to Know About Same-Sex Parenting Before Starting

Planning to be a gay parent? There are some things to know ahead of time to prepare yourself for a positive family life.


Why You’ll See Certain Terms Referring to LGBT Surrogacy on Our Site

In our content, you may see terms like “gay surrogacy” and “gay parents.” You’re not just defined by your sexual orientation; we have a reason for...


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