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Why You’ll See Certain Terms Referring to LGBT Surrogacy on Our Site

As you read through the content on this section of the website, you’ll find lots of helpful information regarding LGBT surrogacy and how you, as an LGBT intended parent, can help make your parenthood dreams come true.

To get more information about surrogacy as LGBT intended parents, reach out to a surrogacy professional today.

But, as you read through this information, you’ll also come across terminology like “gay surrogacy” that may seem politically incorrect, harsh or just ignorant or unnecessary. In most cases, your surrogacy process will be no different from any other intended parents, so why do we use this terminology?

As an informational website, aims to reach as many people as possible. The people who are interested in LGBT surrogacy come from all walks of life. They may be LGBT intended parents or surrogates, women who are interested in carrying a child for a same-sex couple, or simply people who are interested in the same-sex surrogacy process. Because they come from all different backgrounds, they likely have different levels of education on proper terminology for LGBT-related issues and different preferences for the terms they use themselves.

By using terms like “gay surrogacy,” “same-sex surrogacy” and “LGBT surrogacy” interchangeably, we are casting as broad a net as possible to include these people in our informational content. Our research has shown that, when people are interested in a specific aspect of a same-sex surrogacy and search for it online, they use the term “gay” rather than “same-sex” or “LGBT.” To help them easily find that information they desire, we use some of those terms in our online content.

Our website’s usage of these terms is in no way meant to offend or ostracize anyone; we simply choose to meet people at their working knowledge of terms regarding this specific kind of surrogacy. You can be reassured in knowing that surrogacy specialists at LGBT-friendly agencies do not use this kind of language in person with intended parents and surrogates. Instead, they take this as an opportunity to educate others about the proper language to use as they help make surrogacy dreams come true at the same time.

Another important thing to note: Just because this section is labeled “LGBT surrogacy” does not mean this is the only information on our site that LGBT intended parents need to know about. We encourage you to view other parts of our informational website to learn about all the aspects of surrogacy, not just those that are specific to a same-sex surrogacy process.

Most importantly, as you view our content, remember that our choice of terminology is made for a reason — but it shouldn’t be one that detracts from learning all you need to know about completing a successful surrogacy. If you’re ready to begin the surrogacy process, get in touch with a surrogacy professional today to get started.

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