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Surrogacy in New Hampshire

If you’re wondering how to become a surrogate in New Hampshire or how intended parents can find a surrogate, this guide can help.

When deciding if surrogacy in New Hampshire is the right path for you, consider:

If you are ready to start your surrogacy journey, you can contact us today. But, if you want to find out more about how surrogacy in New Hampshire works, check out the information below.

What is Surrogacy in New Hampshire?

Surrogacy in New Hampshire involves a prospective surrogate mother and intended parents.

A surrogate may decide to pursue surrogacy to:

Intended parents pursue surrogacy to:

Although there are two types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy is more common and less legally risky.

What is Gestational Surrogacy in New Hampshire?

A gestational surrogate shares no genetic material with the baby she carries.

With gestational surrogacy, an embryo is created via in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the sperm and egg from intended parents or donors. The embryo is then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

Nearly all modern surrogacies are gestational.

Why Surrogacy in New Hampshire is Legally Safe

According to American Surrogacy, a national surrogacy agency, legislative changes to the surrogacy process established New Hampshire as one of the more regulated and safe states where you can become a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy in 2014.

What do Surrogacy Agencies in New Hampshire do?

Surrogacy agencies in New Hampshire provide support during your surrogacy journey through a surrogacy specialist who can answer all your questions.

Your surrogacy professional can:

If you’d like to connect with a surrogacy agency in New Hampshire, here are a few you can consider:

How to Become a Surrogate in New Hampshire

Becoming a surrogate in New Hampshire is exciting. Although the screening and medical process takes time, it’s well worth it if you’ve always wanted to be a surrogate.

The following are the steps you will take if you want to pursue surrogacy in New Hampshire:

  1. Decide surrogacy is right for you
  2. Complete surrogacy screening
  3. Match with intended parents
  4. Agree to surrogacy terms and create a surrogacy contract
  5. Undergo the medical surrogacy process
  6. Confirm the pregnancy and start to receive surrogacy payments
  7. Receive your final base surrogacy payment upon delivery

How Much do Surrogates get Paid in New Hampshire?

Generally, you can be part of two types of financial surrogacy agreements: compensated surrogacy and altruistic surrogacy.

Compensated Surrogacy

Compensated surrogacy, also known as commercial surrogacy, is when a surrogate gets base pay for her time and energy. Typically, first-time surrogates receive $45,000-$50,000 for their time and energy. Repeat surrogates can often receive more — up to $75,000.

Altruistic Surrogacy

Altruistic surrogacy is when a surrogate mother decides to forgo base compensation. Surrogates sometimes choose this type of surrogacy because they know the intended parents. Surrogate professionals advise surrogates to take some base compensation – even if it’s smaller than the average amount – to avoid feelings of frustration down the line.

You Never Have to pay for Surrogacy in New Hampshire

Although every surrogate will get compensated for their surrogacy- and pregnancy-related expenses, most people entering a surrogacy receive additional compensation.

Next Steps Toward Surrogacy in New Hampshire

Contact us today if you’re ready to start your New Hampshire surrogacy journey. And while you wait to complete your screening process, check out the surrogacy guides below.


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