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If you’re beginning the search for Nashua surrogacy professionals to partner with as an intended parent or a surrogate, this stage of the process can feel a little overwhelming. While you know that working with someone who is experienced and reputable is critical to safely completing the processes of surrogacy in Nashua, NH, you may not know where to start looking for these professionals. We’ve compiled a list of the top-ranking professionals for surrogacy in Nashua, New Hampshire, right here, so you can easily find what you need.

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Surrogacy Agencies nearest Nashua, NH

Especially if you don’t have prior experience with surrogacy, you may want to work with a Nashua surrogate agency, which is also sometimes called a surrogate program or a matching program. A Nashua surrogacy agency is the main professional you would work through, completing all of the services you’ll need to complete the entire surrogacy process from start to finish. This offers a simpler option than juggling multiple professionals on your own, which people often prefer.

To learn more about surrogacy agencies that are able to work with Nashua-area intended parents and surrogates, contact one of these professionals:

Surrogacy Clinics in Nashua, New Hampshire

For the medical steps of the Nashua surrogacy process, which includes IVF and embryo transfers, you’ll need to coordinate with a local fertility clinic. These centers are also sometimes called Nashua surrogacy clinics.

Surrogates often need to partner with the intended parents’ fertility clinic for one or two important appointments, so some travel may be necessary if the surrogate and intended parents don’t both live in Nashua (or if their clinic is located elsewhere). A surrogate’s travel expenses are compensated by intended parents.

If you need help connecting with a good professional near you, your Nashua surrogacy agency can refer you to a good surrogacy clinic in Nashua or the surrounding area, like this medical provider:

Nashua Surrogacy Lawyers

New Hampshire surrogacy law requires that the intended parent(s) and the surrogate have separate representation throughout the legal processes of surrogacy in Nashua, NH. For this, each party will need a Nashua surrogacy attorney.

Your attorney will create your surrogacy contract, which details the legal parental rights for the intended parents, handles surrogate compensation, outlines the risks and roles that each party accepts and more.

If you work with a surrogacy agency to complete your Nashua surrogacy journey, they will likely refer you to a trusted attorney for the legal steps of the process. Otherwise, local Nashua, New Hampshire, surrogacy attorneys you can contact to complete the legal aspects of your surrogacy process include:


Your surrogacy agency will have a network of trusted surrogacy attorneys for you to choose from to give you peace of mind.

Maternity Hospitals in Nashua

The experience of a surrogacy birth is a special one that’s unlike anything else, and it’s something that surrogates and intended parents can share together. Most surrogates and intended parents create a birth plan together fairly early in the surrogacy process, often during the surrogacy contract phase. At that point, you can talk about how involved you’d each like to be in the other side of the process; surrogates can talk about where and how they want to deliver the baby, and intended parents can talk about travel plans to support their surrogate once she goes into labor.

When you create your surrogacy birth plan, there are a couple local options for maternity hospitals in Nashua that may be helpful to consider:

Choosing Your Nashua Surrogacy Professionals

A safe and positive surrogacy experience is the goal for everyone involved. There are two ways to assure this for yourself: the first is to partner with the right intended parents or surrogate. The second is to partner with the right surrogacy professional.

The best way to find out whether or not a potential professional for surrogacy in Nashua, NH, is the right fit for you is to ask plenty of questions. Always be sure to ask, at a minimum, about:

  • The requirements for intended parents and surrogates who work with this professional
  • The screening processes that intended parents and surrogates must complete in order to be approved
  • Whether or not this professional offers matching services for surrogates and intended parents, and if so, what that process is like
  • Any other services offered to surrogates and intended parents
  • The average cost that intended parents can anticipate paying

The right professional will be able to guide you through the Nashua surrogacy process with transparency, support and plenty of information. They’ll be your go-to, so it’s crucial that you feel you can trust your professional.

Want to learn more about surrogacy in Nashua, New Hampshire? Want to begin your own journey to become a parent through surrogacy, or to become a Nashua surrogate? Contact a surrogacy professional now, and start taking steps toward your surrogacy dream.

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