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Surrogacy in Manchester, NH

You’ll need to partner with a series of experienced professionals in order to complete the Manchester surrogacy process. Although surrogacy in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a growing and welcomed family-building option, the process can be complex. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best local surrogacy resources, including clinics, legal professionals, Manchester surrogacy agencies and more.

To learn more about the New Hampshire surrogacy process or to begin your own journey to surrogacy in Manchester, N.H., contact a surrogacy professional. You can also browse through the Manchester surrogacy resources below to find the professionals you’ll need to become a parent or a surrogate in Manchester:

Surrogacy Agencies nearest Manchester, New Hampshire

Partnering with a surrogacy program or matching program, also called a surrogacy agency, in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a common choice for intended parents and surrogates, especially those who don’t have lots of experience with surrogacy. This professional serves as your primary point of contact, and is the preferred option for those who want a “one-stop shop,” as they’re usually able to provide all the required services for the entire surrogacy process.

Top-rated surrogacy agencies who are able to work with intended parents and surrogates in the Manchester, N.H., area include:

Surrogacy Clinics nearest Manchester

In order to complete the medical steps of surrogacy, such as IVF and embryo transfer, you’ll need to partner with a fertility clinic, also sometimes referred to as a Manchester surrogacy clinic.

Some intended parents received fertility treatments from a clinic before they started pursuing surrogacy in Manchester, and they may wish to return to that clinic for the medical processes of surrogacy. Surrogates who don’t live near the intended parents’ clinic may need to travel to the parents’ clinic for one or two important appointments, in which case the intended parents would cover any travel expenses.

If you need help finding a surrogacy clinic near you, your Manchester surrogacy agency can typically put you in touch with a trusted provider, or you can partner with one of these nearby professionals:

Manchester Surrogacy Lawyers

As required by New Hampshire law, the intended parents and the surrogate (and her spouse or partner, if applicable) will need to retain separate legal counsel with Manchester surrogacy attorneys to complete the legal processes. Your lawyer will establish your surrogacy contract, confirm the legal parental rights of the intended parents, make sure that the relevant New Hampshire surrogacy laws and requirements have all been met and more. Your surrogacy contract must be completed before you can begin any medical procedures, according to state law.

Your Manchester surrogacy program can connect you with a good attorney, like one of these local professionals:

Maternity Hospitals in Manchester

A surrogacy birth plan is often established when surrogates and intended parents create their surrogacy contract together. Surrogates will talk about where and how they’re most comfortable delivering the baby, and the intended parents will talk about how they’ll travel to support their surrogate through labor, if that’s what they plan to do.

Some nearby hospital options for your Manchester surrogacy birth plan include:

How to Begin Your Manchester Surrogacy Journey

Not only should your Manchester surrogacy professional be able to meet your individualized set of goals and needs, they should provide you with the information, support and guidance you need to experience your surrogacy journey fully. But how will you choose that professional? How do you know when you’ve found the one that’s right for you?

Start by asking lots of questions. Don’t forget to ask questions like:

  • “What are your requirements for surrogates and intended parents?”
  • “What’s your screening process like for intended parents and prospective surrogates?”
  • “Do you match surrogates and intended parents together? If so, what does that process look like?”
  • “What other services do you provide?”
  • “What is the average cost that intended parents can expect to pay for your services?”

Choosing the right professional for surrogacy in Manchester, New Hampshire, is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a safe, smooth and successful surrogacy experience. Partnering with the right surrogate or intended parent(s) is important. So is partnering with the right Manchester surrogacy professional.

Contact a surrogacy professional now to learn more about how to become a parent through surrogacy, or how to become a surrogate for someone else. They’ll be able to tell you more about beginning the process of surrogacy in Manchester, N.H., today.

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