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Find a Surrogate in New Hampshire

Finding a surrogate mother in New Hampshire may feel a little overwhelming. This step often feels like the most important task on your plate, and you aren’t sure how to find a surrogate mother who you can trust with such a monumental responsibility, and who you can share in the experiences of the surrogacy journey.

But with these three steps, you can better understand how to find New Hampshire surrogate mothers (as well as surrogates anywhere in the U.S.) so that you can find a surrogate who shares your surrogacy goals and who you feel a mutual connection with.

Step 1: Plan How You’ll Find a Surrogate Mother in N.H.

First, you should know that you’re not limited to finding a surrogate in New Hampshire; you can partner with a surrogate who lives anywhere (as long as her state is surrogacy-friendly). Your surrogate doesn’t have to live in the same area as you. In fact, most surrogate-intended parent partnerships are long-distance. New Hampshire surrogacy laws, and the laws of the other state involved, will guide you through any relevant changes to the process if you have a surrogacy relationship that crosses state lines, as many do.

There are two different methods of how to find a surrogate mother in New Hampshire or in any state:

Finding a surrogate with an agency:

Women who have signed on with an agency or matching program will already have been screened and will have a surrogate profile that you can view. If you meet the program’s intended parent requirements, you’ll be able to match with those waiting surrogates, and then the agency or program will complete all the services required throughout the surrogacy process for you both.

Looking for a surrogate mother in New Hampshire without an agency:

If you’re pursuing an independent surrogacy, you’ll still need to hire a surrogacy attorney for the necessary legal processes. Then, you can find a New Hampshire surrogate for hire through word-of-mouth or advertising. You would be responsible for screening potential surrogates as well as arranging the medical and legal procedures for both parties.

Step 2: Match With the Right New Hampshire Surrogate (or a Surrogate Anywhere in the U.S.)

At the beginning stages of looking for a surrogate mother in New Hampshire (or anywhere), you’ll need to choose from three different matching options. The process of how to find a surrogate in New Hampshire or in any region of the U.S. will change slightly depending on the option you choose. Everyone’s surrogacy process will be a little different because of variables like these.

There are three different ways you can match with surrogates in New Hampshire or in any state:

If you already know who you would like to partner with:

A common reason for choosing surrogacy as your family-building method is because someone you know has already seriously volunteered to carry your baby. If you’re partnering with someone you know, you’ll need to call a surrogacy professional to make sure that everyone is eligible according to New Hampshire surrogacy laws. You’ll also need to complete the required legal steps before you take any medical steps, which are not only necessary, but are important for everyone’s protection.

If you’re working with an agency:

You’ll need to meet the agency or matching program’s requirements in addition to the eligibility requirements set by the state of New Hampshire. Once you’ve done that, you can view the profiles of pre-screened and waiting surrogates you could match with. There are also available surrogate situations of women you could immediately match with if you’ve met the intended parent screening requirements.

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in NH without an agency:

Although most attorneys don’t offer matching or screening services, they may be able to offer advice about how to find a surrogate in New Hampshire or in the surrounding area. Some of their suggestions for how to find a surrogate mom in New Hampshire or in neighboring states can include “surrogate wanted” ads, surrogacy classifieds, networking advice and more. Remember that you’re responsible for screening surrogates yourself if you’re hiring a surrogate in New Hampshire on your own, so you’ll need to be thorough as you may be at risk for scams.

Step 3: Support Your Surrogate and Enjoy the Journey

The experience that New Hampshire surrogates and intended parents share together is a unique one, and the result is something that changes their lives forever. The relationship between intended parents and surrogates is unique in every situation. Whatever kind of relationship you want to have with a surrogate, you may want to factor that in when choosing a surrogate mother so that you can partner with someone who prefers the same kind of surrogacy relationship.

When you create your surrogacy contract together, you can talk about how much contact you’d all like to have before, during and after the surrogacy process. This helps everyone to gain a clear understanding of expectations prior to beginning your surrogacy journey together.

Ready to find your own ideal surrogacy match? Submit your information online to find the right surrogate to carry your baby, and get more information about how to find a surrogate mother in New Hampshire or anywhere in the U.S.

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