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Find a Surrogate in Georgia in 3 Simple Steps

If you’re planning to become a parent through surrogacy, finding a surrogate mother in Georgia is an intimidating task. You may be worried that it’ll be hard to find a surrogate mother that you feel a connection with, who you feel you can trust with such a monumental task, or who shares your goals for the process.

It might surprise you to learn that finding the right surrogate isn’t as insurmountable a task as you’d think. Here are the three steps of how to find Georgia surrogate mothers (and surrogates anywhere in the U.S.):

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Find a Surrogate Mother in Georgia

The first thing you should know: Matches aren’t limited by distance. You don’t have to partner with a surrogate mother in Georgia. In fact, most surrogate-intended parent relationships are long-distance. The priority should be finding someone you connect with, not whether or not she lives in Georgia.

There are two methods of how to find a surrogate mother in Georgia or in any other state:

Finding a surrogate in Georgia with an agency:

When connecting through an agency or matching program, surrogates are already signed on, have been screened and approved and have profiles you can view. If you meet the agency’s requirements, you could potentially match with those women. Agencies or similar programs also provide all of the services needed to complete the process, like screening, case management, coordination and more.

Looking for a surrogate mother in Georgia without an agency:

An independent surrogacy would require you to find a Georgia surrogate for hire using personal connections, advertisements or other methods. Intended parents are responsible for learning how to get a surrogate mother on their own and for screening potential candidates, then securing the necessary medical and legal services. You’d need to work with a surrogacy attorney to learn about the legal steps of this. This method often takes longer than an agency match and opens an intended parent up to additional risks.

Step 2: Match with Your Surrogate

If you’re looking for a surrogate mother in Georgia or anywhere in the U.S., the process of how to find a surrogate will vary somewhat depending on which of these three methods you use:

Partnering with someone you know:

A popular reason for choosing surrogacy is a personal connection to a woman who has already offered to carry the baby. For this, you’d need to contact a surrogacy professional to confirm that you’re all eligible for this journey. You’ll then to complete the legal steps before taking any medical actions. It’s still legally necessary to work with an attorney, even if you know the surrogate who is carrying for you.

Finding a surrogate through an agency:

If you meet the requirements of an agency, you can often view profiles of pre-screened and waiting women, with whom you could potentially match. There are also available surrogate situations through some programs, which allow opportunities for immediate matches with waiting surrogates. Agencies will match intended parents and surrogates based on similar personal desires and preferences for the surrogacy process.

Looking for a surrogate mother in GA without an agency:

If you’re pursuing an independent surrogacy path, you can defer to your surrogacy attorney about how to find a surrogate in Georgia or in nearby states. Although attorneys don’t typically provide matching or screening services, they often have advice on how to find a surrogate mom in Georgia or neighboring states through “surrogate wanted” ads or surrogacy classifieds, personal networking and more. Always exercise caution when hiring a surrogate in Georgia without the protection of a professional, as you may be more vulnerable to scams.

Step 3: Develop a Relationship with Your Surrogate

Georgia surrogates and intended parents often develop close friendships throughout this life-changing experience. When choosing a surrogate mother, consider the amount of contact you’d ideally like to have with your surrogate throughout the process, so you can partner with someone who has similar goals for the relationship.

When you establish your surrogacy contract together, you’ll have an opportunity to talk more about how involved each party would like to be in certain processes, and discuss expectations, needs and more. This will help everyone to get on the same page so you can enjoy the journey together.

Want to learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Georgia or anywhere else in the U.S.? Contact a surrogacy professional now to learn about finding the match that’s perfect for you.

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