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When you’re hoping to grow your family, finding a surrogate mother in Colorado to help you have a baby can seem like an insurmountable task. After all, you need to find a surrogate mother that not only meets the eligibility requirements of your chosen professional but also shares a personal connection with you. When you search for a surrogate in Colorado, you’ll be looking for a person that you can trust and whose surrogacy goals are similar to your own.

With these three steps, you can learn how to find Colorado surrogate mothers (and surrogates anywhere in the U.S.) who can share this life-changing journey with you:

Step 1: Choose How You’re Going to Find a Surrogate Mother in Colorado

Remember that your surrogate search isn’t limited to Colorado residents or women within your immediate area. Most surrogate-intended parent partnerships are actually long-distance, spanning across state lines. What matters most is that you feel a shared connection with your partner.

There are two methods for how to find a surrogate mother in Colorado or any other state:

Finding a surrogate in CO with an agency:

Many intended parents choose to work with a surrogacy agency to find the perfect gestational carrier. This takes most of the work off of their shoulders and places the responsibility into the hands of experienced professionals. Agencies and programs offer all of the services you’ll need throughout the process, including screening, matching, case management, counseling and more.

Once you’ve met an agency or matching program’s requirements, you’ll typically be able to view profiles of women who have already been similarly screened and approved as waiting surrogates. Your professional will then arrange for you two to get to know each other better, often through a phone call or in-person meeting.

Looking for a surrogate mother in Colorado without an agency:

If you pursue independent surrogacy, you’d need to search for a Colorado surrogate for hire through personal connections or advertisements. Intended parents are responsible for learning how to get a surrogate mother safely and then screening potential surrogates. You’ll also need to arrange the necessary medical and legal services for everyone involved and work with a surrogacy attorney to complete the legal steps.

Step 2: Finalizing Your Match with a Surrogate in Colorado (or Anywhere)

Depending on which method you choose, the process of how to find a surrogate will vary somewhat:

Matching with someone you already know:

You might be pursuing surrogacy because you already know someone who is willing to be your surrogate. For these matches, you’ll need to contact a surrogacy professional. They’ll need to verify that you’re all eligible for this journey and then complete the required legal steps before you begin the medical process.

Working with an agency:

If you don’t have a surrogate in mind already, an agency can help. You’ll need to meet their requirements, and then you can view profiles of pre-screened women you can match with. There are also programs with available surrogate situations, which can allow eligible intended parents and surrogates to match immediately.

Looking for a surrogate mother in CO without an agency:

Your surrogacy attorney may have recommendations for how to find a surrogate in Colorado or another state with as little risk as possible. Attorneys don’t often offer matching or screening services, but they may have tips on how to find a surrogate mom in Colorado or other states using “surrogate wanted” ads or surrogacy classifieds, word-of-mouth and more. Always be cautious when hiring a surrogate in Colorado without the protection of a professional, as you could be at an increased risk for scams.

Step 3: Develop a Relationship with Your Surrogate

When you’re choosing a surrogate mother, keep in mind the type of relationship you hope to share, so you can select someone who has similar goals. The surrogate-intended parent relationship is unique to every match, but it’s always important to prioritize.

During the creation of your surrogacy contract, you and your surrogate will have an opportunity to discuss in detail your expectations for contact, how involved you’d each like to be throughout the process and more. When you’re all on the same page, it’ll be easier to relax and enjoy the experience together.

Want more information about how to find a surrogate mother in Colorado or in any state? Contact a surrogacy professional to begin searching for your ideal surrogacy match now.

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