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Key Points:
  • Learn the 4 steps to matching with a surrogate in Washington, D.C.
  • Understand the different ways you can find a surrogate in the D.C. area.
  • Make finding a surrogate mother in Washington, D.C. simple by contacting a surrogacy specialist today.

One of the most exciting steps for hopeful parents who seek out surrogacy to grow their families is finding a surrogate mother in Washington, D.C. But not just anyone will be the right fit. You may be worried about how to find a surrogate mother who you can trust with this most important task. This guide can help.

If you want to talk to a knowledgeable surrogacy professional directly, contacting a local surrogacy specialist can help.

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These three steps will show you how to find a Washington, D.C. surrogate mother (and surrogates around the country) who is the right partner for your surrogacy journey:

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Find a Surrogate Mother in Washington, D.C.

Most surrogate-intended parent partnerships are long-distance. You don’t have to limit yourself to surrogates who live in the District of Columbia or the surrounding area. There are two different methods of how to find a surrogate mother in Washington, D.C., or anywhere in the U.S.:

Finding a surrogate with an agency:

If you meet an agency or matching program’s requirements, you can view the surrogate profiles of women who are also signed on with that agency or program and who have been pre-screened. Working with an agency or program to find a surrogate in D.C. means that you’ll receive all the necessary services through that one professional.

Looking for a surrogate mother in D.C. without an agency:

If you’re completing an independent surrogacy with the help of a surrogacy attorney, you’ll likely be responsible for finding and screening a surrogate on your own. This can be done through personal networking, ads and more. You’ll need to coordinate with medical professionals, your legal counsel and more to complete the necessary services.

Step 2: Match with a Surrogate

There are three different matching methods you can use when you’re looking for a surrogate mother in Washington, D.C., or anywhere in the country. Based on the method you use, the process of how to get a surrogate mother in D.C. (or anywhere) can vary for you. Your three matching methods are:

Partnering with someone you know: One of the reasons why many people choose surrogacy is because they have a personal connection to someone who has offered to carry their baby. If you already know someone who is going to be your surrogate, contact a surrogacy professional to complete the required screening processes and legally necessary steps. Under D.C. surrogacy law, this must be done before you complete the medical processes.

Finding a surrogate through an agency or program: If you’ve met the professional’s requirements, you’ll be able to view profiles of pre-screened surrogates you could potentially match with. There are also available surrogate situations where you may be able to match with waiting surrogates immediately.

Looking for a surrogate mother in D.C. without an agency: Although attorneys don’t always provide matching or screening services, they may be able to offer tips for how to find a surrogate in Washington, D.C., or neighboring areas. Your attorney may be able to give you pointers for how to find a surrogate mom in D.C. (or anywhere) using “surrogate wanted” ads, surrogacy classifieds, personal connections and more. Remember that if you’re hiring a surrogate in D.C. on your own, you’ll also be responsible for vetting that person and avoiding scams.


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Step 3: Begin the Washington, D.C., Surrogacy Process with Your Surrogate

Surrogates and intended parents experience a journey together that’s unlike anything else. Choosing a surrogate mother in D.C. who you feel is the right person to take that journey with is important.

During the creation of your surrogacy contract, you’ll be able to discuss how much or how little you’d each like to be involved in the other party’s surrogacy process and how much communication everyone prefers. This way, everyone knows what’s expected of them before you begin and can feel comfortable in their respective social roles.

Finding the right person to partner with for your surrogacy journey in the District of Columbia (or anywhere) can feel a little overwhelming at first. If you’d like to learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Washington, D.C., or within the United States, you can submit your information now and begin the process to find your perfect surrogate match.

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