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Surrogate Compensation

There are many reasons why women choose to become surrogates. While helping someone else become the parents they’ve always dreamed is the main motivator for many, surrogate base compensation frequently also plays a role in a woman’s decision.

Before you become a gestational carrier, it’s important that you understand as much as possible about this aspect of the surrogacy process. Surrogacy compensation is about more than just the money you receive for carrying someone else’s child; there are some important details to be aware of before you get started.

In the articles below, learn more about this aspect of becoming a surrogate to better decide whether this path is the right one for you.


Does a Surrogate Mother Pay Taxes on Her Compensation?

Gestational carriers wholly deserve the compensation they receive for their services — but do they have to pay taxes on surrogacy compensation? Find the answers to...


Finding Surrogacy Agencies that Pay the Most [What to Know]

Choosing a surrogacy agency is about more than just finding the best surrogate compensation. Find out how to decipher compensation rates to decide which agency is...


How Much Does It Cost to Become a Surrogate Mother?

Before you become a surrogate, you may have one big question: “How much is it to be a surrogate mother?” Learn about all the financial aspects...


The Difference Between First-Time and Experienced Surrogate Compensation

Find out how your surrogacy experience may play a role in compensation rate as you move forward with your next surrogacy journey.


What is Surrogate Compensation?

*Video Courtesy of American Surrogacy Key Points Surrogates give parents the greatest gift possible, and they deserve quality compensation in return. First-time surrogates can earn from...


What is Surrogate Income? Surrogacy Compensation FAQs

What is surrogate income compensation? When (and how) do surrogate mothers get paid? Find the answers to all of your questions about surrogate base compensation here.


What to Know About Surrogate Maternity Leave and Compensation

Do you get surrogate maternity leave and compensation when you carry a child for someone else? Here, learn a little bit more about this complicated —...


What You Need to Know About Traditional Surrogate Compensation

Traditional surrogacy can be a complicated process — and that’s certainly true when it comes to traditional surrogate compensation. Find out what kind of laws regulate...


What You Should Know About Gestational Surrogacy Compensation

Thinking of carrying a child for someone else? Here, learn everything you need to know about gestational surrogacy pay, including how much you can expect to...


Why Are Surrogates Paid?

Key Points: Surrogates make the impossible possible. Without them, there are many who would never be able to become parents. Because of this life-changing service, many...


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