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Surrogacy in South Dakota

Key Points:
  • There are several steps you can take when you’re trying to become an intended parent or surrogate in South Dakota.
  • Working with surrogacy agencies give you access to the essential services needed to navigate the surrogacy process.
  • Surrogates have the opportunity to earn up to $75,000 in surrogate compensation for their time and energy.

Whether you’re a prospective surrogate wanting to know more about the South Dakota surrogacy process or intended parents wondering how to find a gestational surrogacy carrier, you’ve come to the right place.

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We know the surrogacy process in South Dakota can be confusing, especially if this is your first time on this journey. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers and guidance you’re looking for!

What is Surrogacy in South Dakota?

Although every surrogacy journey is different, there are steps you’ll work through during the South Dakota surrogacy process. Whether you’re wondering how to become a surrogate in South Dakota or how to have a baby through surrogacy, here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Decide if surrogacy in South Dakota is right for you. Surrogacy can be an amazing journey, and gestational surrogacy in South Dakota is a beautiful and rewarding opportunity. It will require a lot of time and energy, but the outcome is well worth it

You can always contact a surrogacy professional to discuss how surrogacy in South Dakota works, what requirements you’ll have to meet, and other important aspects of this family-building process.

Step 2: Choose a surrogacy professional to work with. Even though it is your choice whether you want to work with a South Dakota surrogacy professional or not, many intended parents and prospective surrogates find lots of benefits in doing so.

Your surrogacy professional will help you create a plan for your South Dakota surrogacy, and will detail your preferences and surrogacy goals, including:

  • What kind of gestational surrogacy carrier or intended parent you’d like to work with
  • Whether you prefer an in-state or interstate surrogacy match
  • Your budget or desired compensation rate
  • Your expected timeline
  • And more

Your South Dakota surrogacy plan will serve as your roadmap moving forward, and you will always be the one in control of how your South Dakota surrogacy proceeds.

Step 3: Complete your pre-surrogacy screening. Before you can find the surrogate or intended parent(s) you will partner with for your South Dakota surrogacy journey, you must meet some important pre-surrogacy requirements. This step focuses on medical and psychological screenings to confirm you are completely mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to move forward with your South Dakota surrogacy process.

Step 4: Find an intended parent or gestational surrogacy carrier. During this step, you’ll work with your South Dakota surrogacy professional to choose the characteristics of your intended parent or gestational surrogacy carrier. From here, your South Dakota surrogacy professional will use that information to find a pre-screened and pre-approved match.


The best surrogacy agencies can help you find a highly qualified surrogate within an average of 30-90 days.

If you and a prospective partner show mutual interest, your South Dakota surrogacy professional can set up a mediated introductory meeting. Here, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions and get to know your potential surrogacy partner before committing to the match.

Step 5: Create a surrogacy contract. You must always finalize your match with a legal surrogacy contract. Your South Dakota surrogacy professional can help you and your surrogacy partner connect with separate attorneys, and they will create a surrogacy contract that addresses details like:

Step 6: Complete the medical process of surrogacy. To prepare for the embryo transfer, a prospective surrogate will need to take certain fertility medication, determined by the intended parents’ fertility clinic. The embryo transfer takes place, and once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed, she will be able to receive prenatal care from her obstetrician.

The intended parents will cover all of a surrogate’s medical costs during her South Dakota surrogacy process. She will get to choose the hospital at which she delivers, and will work with the intended parents to create a delivery plan that meets everyone’s preferences.

Step 7: Finalize your South Dakota surrogacy process. After the baby is born, there are still a few final legal steps you may need to complete with your South Dakota surrogacy attorney. Your surrogacy professional and attorney will be in close contact with you during delivery and before discharge to complete these steps and documentation. The surrogate will also receive her final compensation payment after the birth.

South Dakota Surrogacy Agencies [What Are They and What Do They Do?]

Many intended parents and gestational surrogacy carriers choose to work with surrogacy agencies in South Dakota, and for good reason. Surrogacy agencies, often referred to as “one-stop shops,” take a great deal of stress and responsibility off your shoulders.

A surrogacy agency in South Dakota can guide you through every step of the surrogacy process, offering support and services you can’t find everywhere. These services include:

  • Mediating contact between you and your surrogacy partner, if necessary
  • Providing emotional support and guidance
  • Referring you to and coordinating with additional South Dakota surrogacy professionals
  • And more

For more information on the surrogacy services that a South Dakota surrogacy agency can provide, consider contacting these professionals:

How to Become a Surrogate in South Dakota

In order to become a surrogate mother in South Dakota, it’s important that you understand exactly what awaits you. Being a gestational surrogacy carrier is a huge commitment and there are countless rewards and advantages to pursuing this path.

While every gestational surrogacy carrier’s experience is different, she usually completes four general steps along the way:

Step 1: Contact a South Dakota surrogacy professional. If you want to become a surrogate mother in South Dakota, you’ll first need to identify the South Dakota surrogacy professional you want to work with. You’ll receive many benefits by working with a South Dakota surrogacy professional, including surrogate compensation and case management and support.

Step 2: Complete surrogacy pre-screening and meet the requirements. There are certain requirements that must be met before you can move on through the South Dakota surrogacy process. Whether you work with a surrogacy agency or with a fertility clinic for an independent surrogacy, you will need to undergo certain medical and psychological screenings before you can start the medical process.

These requirements might seem like a lot at first, but your surrogacy professional will be by your side every step of the way to make sure you’re all set to begin your surrogacy  journey.

Step 3: Find intended parents. You have the right to decide what kind of parents you are comfortable working with for your South Dakota surrogacy. Once you and your surrogacy professional discuss your ideal characteristics in a surrogacy partner, your professional will look for potential matches. You will have the chance to speak with the intended parents before you commit to the match completely.

Step 4: Complete the medical process of South Dakota surrogacy. In South Dakota, the medical procedure to become a surrogate mother includes:

You will work with the intended parents’ fertility clinic to become pregnant, and then will work with your local obstetrician for prenatal care once the pregnancy is confirmed.

South Dakota Surrogate Compensation [How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?]

Along with having all travel expenses and pregnancy- and surrogacy-related expenses covered by the intended parents, gestational surrogacy carriers can receive compensation.

In general, you can expect to receive base compensation that’s around $45,000. However, the exact amount a surrogate can get paid will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The surrogate’s state of residence
  • The surrogate’s experience
  • The intended parents

Because this money is separate compensation from the expenses covered by the intended parents, this money can be used however the gestational surrogacy carrier sees fit.

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