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Finding a Surrogate Mother in Kansas: All You Need to Know

Key Points
  • Surrogacy agencies can help you find a surrogate in Kansas.
  • Agency-assisted surrogacy ensures that your surrogates are thoroughly screened, so you know they’re prepared for the surrogacy process.
  • The best surrogacy agencies in Kansas have wait times as short as 30-90 days.

If you are an intended parent considering surrogacy in the Sunflower State, you are probably wondering, “How do you find a surrogate in Kansas who meets your expectations and whom you can trust with your important parenthood dreams?”

Finding a surrogate mother for your journey is incredibly important to meeting your surrogacy goals and expectations. Surrogacy is a partnership, and the surrogate that you choose to work with will impact your entire family-building process. It may seem like a stressful and overwhelming choice to make, but if you are looking for a surrogate mother in Kansas or elsewhere in the U.S., some basic information will make your search a little easier.

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Can We Work with a Surrogate in Kansas?

Surrogacy laws vary across the United States, and you may be unsure as to what they are in Kansas. Without this knowledge, you may not know whether choosing a surrogate mother in Kansas is even an option for you.

Like many states, Kansas has no surrogacy laws regulating this process — which means the only regulations on the process have been established by local surrogacy professionals. Because there are no laws on the surrogacy process, there are also no laws prohibiting women from becoming surrogates in Kansas. Therefore, you can certainly find a surrogate mother in Kansas safely and legally.


The best surrogacy agencies in Kansas can provide short wait times by maintaining a 1:1 surrogate to intended parent ratio

There are two things to know about finding a surrogate in Kansas:

  1. Surrogate compensation is not regulated. There are no laws prohibiting surrogate compensation in Kansas, which means the surrogate you find in Kansas has the right to request surrogate compensation. Of course, you can always search for a woman who wants to be a traditional surrogate (since traditional surrogates usually cannot be compensated in Kansas), but this search process may take a little more time because of this path’s inherent risks.
  2. Traditional surrogacy is often treated as an adoption under Kansas law. If you are looking for a surrogate mother in Kansas who will be related to the child she carries, your surrogacy process will be a bit more complicated than those who pursue a gestational surrogacy. Your surrogate may not be able to receive base compensation for her services, and you may not be able to proactively establish your parental rights with a pre-birth order. Akin to an adoption, a traditional surrogacy may require a surrogate to voluntarily give her “adoption consent” after birth due to her genetic relationship with the baby.

As long as you are aware of the unique circumstances a Kansas surrogacy requires, you can safely proceed with finding a surrogate mother in this state.

How to Find a Surrogate Mother in Kansas: The Steps to Take

When you are ready to start your surrogacy process, you may wonder how to find a surrogate mother in Kansas that is perfect for you. There are two paths: you can choose to work with a matching program for professional guidance, or you can find a surrogate in Kansas on your own through networking and advertising. The former path allows you to choose from pre-screened surrogates, while the latter requires a bit more responsibility on your end.

Whichever path you choose, there are a few general steps you will follow as you are looking for a surrogate in Kansas:

1. Decide what kind of surrogacy you wish to pursue.

Before you can find a surrogate for your Kansas surrogacy, you need to determine a few important things about your journey ahead. Do you want to work with an agency or complete an independent surrogacy? Are you interested in a gestational or a traditional surrogacy? Are you looking to pay your surrogate for her services or find a woman offering her services altruistically?

All of these decisions are important, because they will help you match with a surrogate who shares your surrogacy goals and preferences. Create a clear plan for your surrogacy before you start looking for a surrogate in Kansas.

2. Contact a matching professional, or start your independent search.

You will need to decide early on whether you want to complete an agency-assisted or independent surrogacy journey. This comes down to whether you would like to work with an agency to find a surrogate in Kansas, or do the searching on your own.


The best surrogacy agencies in Kansas can provide short wait times by maintaining a 1:1 surrogate to intended parent ratio

If you choose to work with an agency, you will be able to view available surrogates in Kansas that share your surrogacy expectations. Your professional will match you based on your preferences. These surrogates are typically pre-screened and ready to start the surrogacy process.

If you choose independent surrogacy, you will need to do the advertising to find a surrogate yourself. This means using surrogacy classifieds (online and print), as well as networking, to find prospective surrogates in Kansas — and then screening them yourself to make sure they share your surrogacy goals.

3. Create an intended parents’ profile.

Whether you work with an agency or on your own, you will typically need to create an intended parent profile that can be shown to prospective surrogates. This profile should introduce you as an intended parent and share your surrogacy goals and preferences. This way, surrogates can easily identify whether or not you are a good match for them.

4. Talk with prospective surrogates.

Once you have found prospective surrogates in Kansas who are interested in working with you, you will need to discuss in detail your surrogacy goals and preferences. If you have found a surrogate through a matching program, your professional will likely mediate this conversation. If you found a surrogate independently, you will need to prepare for this conversation to ensure you get all of the answers you want.

5. Finalize your match with a surrogacy contract.

If you and your surrogate match up on your surrogacy goals and your personalities, you can solidify your partnership with a surrogacy contract. This legal document will go into more detail about the surrogacy journey you’ll take together, including each party’s responsibilities and expectations. When you each have a surrogacy attorney representing you, any remaining complications or disagreements can be sorted out before you start your surrogacy journey.

Just because you may live in Kansas does not mean that you have to only find a surrogate in Kansas. There are many women across the country willing to serve as a surrogate for intended parents. If you match with a woman in another surrogacy-friendly state, don’t be afraid to pursue a partnership with her. Long-distance surrogacy is more common than ever, and surrogacy professionals have developed processes to make these partnerships easy on both surrogates and intended parents.

To start looking for available surrogates in Kansas, and to learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Kansas, please contact a local surrogacy professional.

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