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Surrogacy in Mobile, AL

If you’re beginning a Mobile surrogacy journey, either as a hopeful parent or surrogate, you’ll need to partner with a team of experienced professionals. Finding those professionals for surrogacy in Mobile, Alabama, can be tough. We made it easy.

Here, you can find all the professionals you’ll need to complete the Alabama surrogacy process. You can connect with the best local surrogacy resources, including Mobile surrogacy agencies, programs, attorneys, clinics and more. If you want to get started right away, you can contact a surrogacy professional now. Or, you can start by browsing through some of these professionals for surrogacy in Mobile, AL:

Surrogacy Agencies in Mobile, AL

Of all your options for surrogacy professionals in Mobile, a Mobile surrogate agency is often the preferred option, especially for those who don’t have much prior experience with surrogacy. A Mobile surrogacy agency, also called a surrogate program or matching program, provides all the services that intended parents and surrogates need through the entire process. Many people find this to be a simpler and safer route than locating multiple professionals and coordinating surrogacy services on their own.

The nearest surrogacy agencies that can help surrogates and intended parents in Mobile, AL, include:

Surrogacy Clinics in Mobile, Alabama

To complete the medical steps of the Mobile surrogacy process, including IVF and embryo transfers, you’ll need to coordinate with a fertility clinic, also sometimes called a Mobile surrogacy clinic. The surrogate will often need to spend a couple appointments at the intended parents’ chosen clinic, so she may need to travel (with any travel expenses covered for her by the parents) if she lives outside of Mobile (or wherever the clinic is located).

You can get a referral to a reputable clinic in your area from your Mobile surrogacy agency if you aren’t already connected with a surrogacy clinic in Mobile. Some nearby clinics that may be able to help you with the medical aspects of surrogacy in Mobile, Alabama, include:

Mobile Surrogacy Lawyers

Before you can begin the medical steps of the surrogacy process, you’ll need legal representation that is separate from your surrogacy partner. Surrogates and intended parents will need individual Mobile surrogacy attorneys to complete the legal process. Your attorneys will create your surrogacy contract, establish legal parental rights for the intended parents, ensure sure that all Alabama surrogacy laws are adhered to and more.

Again, you can always ask your surrogacy agency in Mobile for help finding a good surrogacy lawyer in Mobile, or you can reach out to one of these local legal representatives:

Maternity Hospitals in Mobile

The experience of a surrogacy birth is a life-changing one for both intended parents and surrogates, so they often like to make plans to share it together whenever possible. Surrogates will usually discuss where and how they feel comfortable delivering the baby, and intended parents will usually then make plans to travel to be with their surrogate when she goes into labor.

Some of these local options for maternity hospitals in the Mobile area may be helpful to surrogates who are creating a surrogacy birth plan with their intended parents:

Choosing Your Mobile Surrogacy Professionals

One of the best ways to protect you, your surrogacy partner and the baby at the heart of it all is to choose a good surrogacy professional. How do you know if a potential surrogacy professional is the right fit for you? Start by asking lots of questions, and always be sure to include questions about:

  • The requirements that surrogates and intended parents need to meet with this professional
  • This professional’s screening process for surrogates and intended parents
  • Whether or not they match surrogates and intended parents together, and if so, what their matching system is like
  • Any other services they offer
  • The cost, on average, for intended parents who work with this professional

Feeling comfortable and confident about your choice of professional will mean that you can feel more comfortable and confident through your Mobile surrogacy journey.

To learn more about surrogacy in Mobile, Alabama, or to begin the process of becoming a parent or a surrogate in Mobile, contact a surrogacy professional now for information.

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