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Key Points
  • You have three options for finding a surrogate mother in Alabama or any surrogacy-friendly state: partnering with someone you know, using an agency or pursuing an independent search. 
  • Surrogacy agencies in Alabama have screening processes to ensure you’re working with high-quality surrogates.
  • When you find a match with an agency, a conference call will be arranged so you can get to know each other.

Starting the process of finding a surrogate mother in Alabama can feel overwhelming at first. After all, it’s critical that you find a surrogate mother who is right for you, who has surrogacy goals that are similar to your own and who you feel you can trust with the monumental task of carrying your child.

You can connect with a surrogacy professional who can help you find the perfect surrogate match for you.

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Important Information About the Alabama In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Ruling

Update: Alabama Legislation to Pass New Bills Protecting IVF

On February 29, both chambers of the Alabama legislation passed bills designed to protect IVF.

The House and Senate will still need to vote on a unified version before handing it to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey.

These bills are designed to:

  • Create specific protections that shield patients, doctors and other professionals from prosecution and civil suits in the state.
  • SB 159 provides civil and criminal immunity for death or damage to an embryo to any individual or entity when providing or receiving goods or services related to in vitro fertilization.
  • HB 237 is a companion bill passed by the state house declaring no action, suit or criminal prosecution for the damage to or death of an embryo shall be brought or maintained against an individual or entity.
  • Legislators admit the proposals need further clarification but are designed to be a quick fix to allow the several closed IVF clinics in the state to reopen.

The Alabama Supreme Court Decision

On February 16, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that embryos created through IVF are considered children.

This comes after 3 couples filed lawsuits against a fertility clinic located inside a hospital after a patient of the hospital entered the fertility clinic’s cryo-preservation unit and opened one of the tanks in December 2020. Because embryos are stored at sub-freezing temperatures, the patient burned himself and dropped the embryos, which hit the ground and were destroyed.

The plaintiff couples brought lawsuits against the fertility clinic and hospital, with the main focus being a violation of the Alabama statute of Wrongful Death of a Minor Act.

At the trial level, a judge ruled that embryos that exist in vitro are not people or children, and this specific case was dismissed. The plaintiff couples appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court, which overturned the judge’s ruling, saying embryos are to be considered children.

Fertility Clinics Pausing Treatments

As a result of the ruling, several fertility clinics have paused IVF treatments due to concerns over far-ranging impacts on healthcare and reproductive technology.

The largest fertility clinic at the University of Alabama in Birmingham is one of the first to pause treatments. Currently, couples receiving treatment have been forced to pause, as well.

The Supreme Court says state legislators are best suited to decide the future of IVF treatments in Alabama.

Now, here are the 3 steps to find a surrogate in Alabama.

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Find a Surrogate Mother

Your surrogate doesn’t have to live in the same area or state as you, which means you’re not actually limited to finding a surrogate in Alabama — you can choose to partner with a surrogate who lives in any surrogacy-friendly state. In fact, most surrogacy partnerships are long-distance. What matters most is that you and your surrogate are a good fit for one another.

There are three different options for how to find a surrogate mother in Alabama or anywhere in the U.S.:

Partnering with someone you know:

If you’ve chosen surrogacy because you already know someone who has committed to being surrogate, you don’t need to learn how to find a surrogate mom in Alabama on your own. However, you’ll need to call a surrogacy professional to confirm that you’re all eligible for surrogacy in Alabama. Then, you’ll need to complete the legal steps before you can start any medical processes. It’s important that you always work with professionals for everyone’s protection, even if you know and trust your surrogacy partner!

Finding a surrogate in AL with an agency:

You can work with an agency or matching program to view profiles of women who are signed on with the same agency and who have already been screened. If you meet the agency’s requirements, you’ll be able to potentially match with waiting surrogates (sometimes even immediately, through available surrogate situations) and receive all the services that you’ll both need to complete the entire surrogacy process.


The best agencies in Alabama can help you find a surrogate in an average of 30-90 days.

Looking for a surrogate mother in Alabama without an agency:

You’ll need to work with an attorney to complete the necessary legal steps, but if you’re pursuing an independent surrogacy, you’ll do all the searching and screening for an Alabama surrogate for hire on your own. This is usually done through “surrogate wanted” ads and surrogacy classifieds or through personal connections. When hiring a surrogate in Alabama yourself, you would be responsible for vetting prospective surrogates yourself and coordinating with the necessary medical and legal professionals for both of you, so use caution.

You can always turn to your surrogacy professional for more guidance about matching with prospective surrogates, and about finding the match that’s right for you and your surrogacy goals.

Step 2: Review Surrogate Profiles and Talk to Potential Matches

When you’ve completed the screening process with your surrogacy professional, you’ll next need to complete an Intended Parent Profile. Gestational surrogates who are looking for intended parents in Alabama (or anywhere) will be able to view this profile, which includes information about you and your family, pictures, your surrogacy preferences and more.

At the same time, you’ll be able to view Surrogate Profiles of women who’ve been screened by your surrogacy professional and who are also waiting for a match. When you find a gestational carrier in Alabama (or any state) who expresses mutual interest in your profile, your surrogacy professional will usually arrange a conference call where you can all get to know one another.

During this initial conference call, you and this prospective surrogate match can ask one another questions and get a sense of whether or not you think it might be a good match. From there, you can decide to move forward with this pairing or to continue looking for a better-suited match.

Step 3: Support Your Surrogate Throughout the Process

Finding a surrogate mother in Alabama (or in any state) is a major step in your surrogacy journey, but it’s far from the end. The relationship between the intended parents and their surrogate is going to be unique in every surrogacy partnership. Consider the kind of relationship that you hope to have with your surrogate when you’re choosing a surrogate mother, so that you can match with someone who is hoping to have a similar relationship with you.

When you create your surrogacy contract together, you’ll both have the opportunity to discuss your expectations for one another throughout the process, the risks you each agree to take on, the practical details as well as your emotional standpoints on situations like pregnancy complications and more. Your surrogacy contract is a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of how you can support one another throughout your surrogacy journey and beyond.

Ready to learn more about how to find a surrogate mother in Alabama (or in any state)? Contact a surrogacy professional now to find your ideal surrogacy match, and meet the person who will help you complete your family.

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