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Is Surrogacy Right For You?

The Surrogacy Process

If you are considering growing your family through surrogacy, congratulations! Surrogacy can be an amazing journey to parenthood, and by reading more about this process, you are already taking an important first step in your surrogacy journey.

At the start, surrogacy can seem daunting. It involves some complicated legal, social, medical and emotional steps, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. If this is the stage you’re at in your research, you are in the right place.

The articles below will answer some common surrogacy questions and provide an overview of the surrogacy process, including its requirements, costs and other factors to consider as you determine whether it’s right for your family.


5 Steps to the Surrogacy Process

*Video Courtesy of American Surrogacy Key Points: Choosing the right surrogacy agency is one of the most important steps of the surrogacy process. Many intended parents...


Comparing Surrogacy Costs

Key Points: Surrogacy cost estimates can range from $80,000 to more than $300,000, depending on the agency. The cost of surrogacy is an investment in your...


How Can We Safely Find a Sperm or an Egg Donor?

For many LGBT, single or infertile parents, an egg or sperm donation may be necessary to complete their surrogacy process. Here's how you can find the...


How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Each surrogacy will be different, so your costs will vary. Here are some factors that could influence how much your surrogacy costs.


Intended Parents FAQs

If you're an intended parent considering surrogacy, you probably have many questions. Find the answers to most of them here.


Should You Work with an Agency as an Intended Parent?

If you’ve chosen surrogacy as your path to parenthood, you’ll next need to decide whether or not you want to work with an agency. Here are...


Surrogacy vs. Adoption – Which is Right for Our Family?

Many intended parents find themselves deciding between pursuing adoption and surrogacy at some point in their parenthood journey. Here's an honest comparison of both.


Surrogacy Wait Times

 Hopeful parents pursuing surrogacy need to know these 3 important things that impact wait times.


What are the Options of Financing a Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is expensive, but there are many ways that intended parents can finance the process to make it more affordable.


What are the Requirements of Surrogacy?

As you consider growing your family, the following questions can help you determine whether you meet the emotional and financial requirements of surrogacy.


What Should We Look for in a Surrogacy Professional?

As intended parents, you will need to choose a surrogacy professional for your parenthood journey. This choice will dictate your entire surrogacy process.


Why Should We Use Identified Egg and Sperm Donors?

While using an anonymous egg or sperm donor may seem easier, using an identified donor actually has far more benefits for you and your donor-conceived child.


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