What are the Options of Financing a Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is expensive, but there are many ways that intended parents can finance the process to make it more affordable.

Because of the number of people and services required in a surrogacy, including the surrogate mother’s commitment and its advanced medical procedures and legal complexities, the surrogacy process can be expensive — often $60,000–$100,000, or more.

While most families don’t have that kind of money lying around, prospective intended parents should not be discouraged by the cost of surrogacy. There are many surrogacy financing options available to help make this path to parenthood a more affordable option.

The following includes information about financing your surrogacy, as well as practical tips for affording surrogacy as an average family. Below, find surrogacy loans, grants, fundraising ideas, and more.

Surrogacy Loans

Intended parents commonly rely on loans to help cover the costs of surrogacy. In addition to traditional lines of credit, like home equity loans and credit cards, there are also many organizations that offer financing options specifically for fertility treatments and surrogacy.

Here are some common types of loans prospective you may consider:

Prosper Healthcare Lending

New Life Fertility Finance


Surrogacy Grants

Grants are another popular option for surrogacy financing. Many organizations award these non-repayable funds to help ease the financial burden of surrogacy and other infertility treatments.

Most grants are awarded on an annual basis to families who meet an organization’s qualifications and complete the application process. Different organizations have different requirements for their grant recipients. For example, some grants require certain religious affiliations or residency within a certain state. In addition, most IVF or surrogacy grants require a diagnosis of infertility.

The following is a list of some organizations that offer surrogacy grants:

Surrogacy grants often rely heavily on donations. If you or anyone you know has been touched by infertility, consider donating to a surrogacy or infertility fund to help other hopeful parents grow their families.


There are many ways for intended parents to raise money toward their surrogacy fund. Whether you prefer to host a simple online fundraiser or get creative with special events, fundraising is a widely available option for prospective intended parents.

Here are a few fundraising ideas to help you get started:

Money-Saving Tips

Whether you are applying for grants, organizing fundraisers or budgeting to repay surrogacy loans, it takes time, energy and discipline to obtain the funds necessary to afford surrogacy. Here are a few additional tips for saving money and financing your surrogacy:

There are many paths to financing your surrogacy. With careful research and planning, you can discover which methods will work best for you, and your surrogacy goals will be within reach.

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