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Why You Should Choose the U.S. for International Surrogacy

Because of restrictive laws that make surrogacy difficult in their home country, many intended parents around the world consider international surrogacy to help make their parenthood dreams come true.

But, which country should international intended parents choose to have the safest, most efficient surrogacy experience? In most situations, the answer is the United States.

You can talk to a surrogacy professional today to find out why U.S.-based surrogacy opportunities are safe for surrogates and intended parents. Continue reading right now to learn more. 

Why Choose the U.S.?

International intended parents have many options available to them but none quite like the United States. Thanks to state-specific surrogacy laws, the United States has many locations where intended parents of all nationalities can safely pursue a surrogacy process that protects not only their rights but also the rights of the surrogate that they work with. The questions of parentage, medical practices and safety that may concern international intended parents in any other country are non-starters in the U.S. Many international surrogacies have been completed in the United States — and continue to be completed today.

There are a couple of specific areas that will likely make an American surrogacy the best path for you as a foreign intended parent:

A Well-Developed Legal Process

As mentioned before, surrogacy in the United States is governed by state laws, not federal ones. This means that each individual state has created its own process for surrogacy, varying from no laws at all to more restrictive laws. Therefore, there are plenty of locations in the U.S. where an international surrogacy can take place in a way that puts intended parents at ease.

Surrogacy is embraced in many parts of the U.S. and, when you work with an American surrogacy agency, your professional will make sure you are matched with a surrogate from a surrogacy-friendly state before you move forward. This is imperative; working in a surrogacy-friendly state allows you to:

Surrogacy in the U.S., therefore, provides many legal protections that you may not receive in another country.

In addition, if you are an international LGBT couple, remember that the United States recognizes gay marriage — which means you can both be named legal parents of your child before you return to your home country. There are many surrogates excited to work with LGBT couples of all nationalities, and you can find whatever sperm or egg donation you need in the U.S. in a legal manner.

Experienced surrogacy lawyers across the United States can represent you during this surrogacy process to make sure that you receive the legal protection you need and your surrogacy meets the legal standards required.

Surrogates Who Are Fully Screened and Ready for Surrogacy

The process of surrogacy in the United States arguably looks out more for the interest of the surrogate than the process in other countries might. In other less-developed countries, the demand for international surrogates has led to questionable ethical practices, like underpaying surrogates for their services, forcing surrogates to live away from family until the baby is born, transferring more than one embryo without her knowledge and more.

In the United States, you won’t experience this.

The reason why surrogacy is so regulated in the U.S. is to protect both parties involved. To aid in that protection, American surrogacy agencies fully screen both intended parents and surrogates before a match is even made. By making sure both parties are physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the surrogacy process, U.S. surrogacy agencies prevent the likelihood of delays or failed matches.

When you are matched with a surrogate in the U.S., you can be reassured knowing that she is ready to fully commit to being your surrogate and is doing so of her own free will, with the support of her friends and family. She will have met medical standards for surrogacy, as well as live in a healthy, comfortable environment where your child can develop safely in utero. For many international intended parents, this is a huge reason to choose an American surrogate over a surrogate in a lesser-developed country who is not screened to the same extent.

Experienced Surrogacy Professionals

Surrogacy is a constantly changing process — but many lesser-developed countries around the world may not have the resources to make sure their process is as up-to-date as possible. When you pursue a surrogacy in one these countries, your surrogacy may not be as safe as it could be, and you may not have the support of experienced professionals.

With an American surrogacy, however, your surrogacy will be completed with the most recent developments in medical practices, legal protections and more. Surrogacy laws in the United States are generally better developed and more detailed than in other countries, and surrogacy agencies in the U.S. have had years to create international surrogacy programs that successfully help intended parents create their family in a positive manner. Newer surrogacy agencies in other countries may not have this experience.

Even if you are an international intended parent, you’ll receive the same quality and quantity of services as any American intended parent. Many American surrogacy agencies have translators on staff to make you comfortable during your surrogacy journey, and they’ll also help you connect with your surrogate, should you wish to maintain communication during her pregnancy.

Because of their years of experience, American surrogacy agencies understand exactly which services intended parents like you desire, and they’ll make sure you receive them, no matter where you are located.

Choosing American Surrogacy as Foreign Intended Parents

As with every other part of your surrogacy journey, this decision will be entirely up to you. When you’re considering international surrogacy and the United States is one of your choices, you should take the time to understand what your personal surrogacy goals are — and which country and surrogacy process can best meet those goals. Speak with experienced surrogacy professionals in each of the countries you’re considering to learn more before committing to a location that will dictate how the rest of your surrogacy progresses.

To learn more about completing a surrogacy in the U.S. as foreign intended parents, contact these surrogacy agencies:

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