Is Surrogacy Right For You?

Pregnancy and Health

In many ways, a surrogate pregnancy is no different from any traditional pregnancy. You will experience all of the joys and challenges that come with pregnancy and childbirth, and you will see and feel your body change as it would with any developing baby.

However, you will also need to go through a complex medical process to prepare your body for a surrogate pregnancy. There will be screening requirements and doctor’s appointments, fertility medications and an embryo transfer. Throughout every step of this process, your health and safety will be a top priority.

Learn more about staying safe and healthy throughout the medical surrogacy process in the articles below.


10 Tips for Surrogates to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

By taking care of your health, you're not only making sure the baby is developing well — but you also reduce the risk of any pregnancy complications.


8 Steps of Surrogate Medical Process

The surrogate medical process can be a complicated one. Here, we break down the steps to help you better understand it.


How Does a Surrogate get Pregnant? [How IVF Works]

“How does a surrogate get pregnant?” might be one of the most commonly asked questions from first-time surrogates or their partners. In fact, the misconceptions surrounding...


List of Medications Involved in Surrogacy

Throughout your surrogacy experience, you will likely be prescribed a variety of medications to ensure you are ready for embryo transfer at the right time.


Surrogate Health Requirements: What You Need to Know

What are the health requirements to be a surrogate mother? We break down some of your most commonly asked questions on the topic.


Surrogates and Abortion: What to Know Before Taking This Journey

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, abortion and selective reduction is something to think about. Before you match with intended parents, you’ll have to agree...


The Emotional and Medical Risks of Surrogacy: What to Expect

Surrogacy isn’t just a life-changing decision; it also comes with certain risks to surrogate mothers. Read more about them here.


What Will Your Surrogacy Hospital Stay Look Like?

If you’re a surrogate, you know what childbirth is like — but how will it be different when you’re carrying someone else’s baby? Here, find out...


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