Who Should I Contact to Pursue My Surrogacy Goals?

Get started with your surrogacy process today by contacting these professionals.

You have decided you’re ready to get started as a surrogate — who do you talk to next?

Surrogacy professionals can help guide you through the entire surrogacy process, from your first medical evaluation to the birth of the baby. As a prospective surrogate, it will be up to you to choose the professional you feel most comfortable working with.

Primarily, there are two types of surrogacy professionals: surrogacy agencies and surrogacy attorneys. These professionals vary in their strengths and the services they offer. Which you choose will largely depend on the type of surrogacy you are pursuing, as well as the services you need throughout the process.

The following section provides a basic overview of each type of professional and includes tips for choosing the agency or attorney that will work best for you.

Surrogacy Agencies

Surrogacy agencies often provide most or all of the services you will need throughout the surrogacy process. They can generally work with surrogates from across the country and offer services to intended parents in the United States and beyond.

Many surrogates choose to work with an agency because they offer the widest range of services, education and support. Some common services provided by surrogacy agencies include:

Why work with a surrogacy agency?

Working with a single expert throughout the surrogacy process can be advantageous, and women who choose to work with an agency to complete their journey enjoy a variety of benefits. However, there are also some challenges that may arise when working with a surrogacy agency. Here are some of the top pros and cons to take into account as you weigh your surrogacy professional options:



Finding a Surrogacy Agency

Different surrogacy agencies may offer different programs and services, have different requirements for their surrogates and more. These are some of the factors you should keep in mind as you compare potential surrogacy professionals. Carefully research the agencies you are considering and choose the one that will best meet your needs.

Here are some questions you can ask the surrogacy agencies you are considering to help you make your decision:

Surrogacy Attorneys

In any surrogacy arrangement, you will need an attorney to draft legal contracts and complete any other necessary legal services. If you choose to work with an agency, your surrogacy specialist will coordinate an attorney’s services for you, and you will not need to consult with an attorney separately.

However, in some situations, an attorney may be the only surrogacy professional you need. If you are working directly with the intended parents in an independent surrogacy, without an agency’s involvement, your attorney can provide the necessary legal services and outsource any additional surrogacy services to other professionals.

Why work with a surrogacy attorney?

Many surrogates choose to work with an agency because of the abundance of services and support these professionals offer. However, some surrogates are comfortable enough with the process to pursue independent surrogacy with the help of an attorney alone. If you are considering independent surrogacy, here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when working with a surrogacy attorney:



Finding an Attorney

Choosing the right attorney is essential to a successful independent surrogacy arrangement. The choice of an attorney should not be made lightly, and there are many factors to consider as you compare prospective surrogacy professionals.

Here are some questions you may want to ask prospective law firms as you decide which one is right for you:

Choosing a Surrogacy Professional

The choice of a surrogacy professional is a big decision. As you weigh the pros and cons of working with prospective surrogacy agencies and attorneys, consider these tips:

Whether you choose to work with an agency or attorney, it is up to you to determine which professional is the best fit for your individual needs and circumstances. Each type of professional has its advantages and disadvantages. However, both provide valuable services that will help you on your journey to become a surrogate.

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