Surrogacy in Dallas

Get everything you’ll need for your Dallas surrogacy journey in one comprehensive list here, whether you’re a Dallas surrogate or an intended parent. Start the process of surrogacy in Dallas with this guide.

Surrogacy is a complex process, and you’ll need several professionals to complete your surrogacy journey legally and with as few stressors as possible. Whether you’re a potential surrogate in Dallas or an intended parent, we can help you find the right surrogacy agencies, Dallas, TX, as well as fertility clinics, attorneys and all the other services you’ll need.

For those pursuing surrogacy in Dallas, TX, either as an intended parent or as a surrogate, the following resources can help you connect with the local and national professionals you’ll need in your Dallas surrogacy journey.

Want to learn more about how surrogacy in Dallas works for surrogates and intended parents? You can get more information or begin the surrogacy process now by contacting a surrogacy professional.

Or, you can browse the following list of Dallas surrogacy professionals who can help you to become surrogates or intended parents in TX:

Surrogacy Agencies in Dallas, Texas

The following list of Dallas surrogate agencies offer screening and matching services for surrogates and intended parents, as well as counseling and case management services. They can set you up with local clinics and attorneys, too, so a Dallas surrogacy agency may be the only professional you’ll need to contact in order to complete your surrogacy process in its entirety.

There are several advantages of working with a surrogacy agency in Dallas over choosing independent surrogacy. For example, when you work with a surrogate agency in Dallas, you don’t have to worry about unscreened intended parents and surrogates, and you can find one another easily.

Some of the best surrogate agencies in Dallas, Texas and throughout the U.S. that can help Dallas surrogates and intended parents achieve their surrogacy dreams include:

Surrogacy Clinics in Dallas, Texas

Intended parents and the surrogate in Dallas will need access to a local fertility clinic, also sometimes referred to as a Dallas surrogacy clinic. This is where you’ll go to complete the medical stages of your surrogacy process, including IVF and embryo transfers.

If you’re an intended parent, you may have previously worked with a clinic for fertility treatments and wish to continue working with that professional. Your Dallas surrogacy agency may also be able to connect you with a good local clinic, or you could work with one of these clinics for surrogacy in Dallas, TX:

If you’re a surrogate, you may need to travel to the intended parents’ clinic for a few of the key procedures, such as embryo transfers. Any expenses incurred during travel will be compensated for you. When a doctor has confirmed that you’re pregnant and healthy, you can see your regular OBGYN for prenatal care.

Dallas Surrogacy Lawyers

A Dallas surrogacy attorney will be needed for both the intended parents and the surrogate for the legal stages of the surrogacy process. Each party will need their own separate legal representation. Your Dallas surrogate agency can typically refer you to reputable attorneys for surrogacy in Dallas, TX, or you could contact any of these lawyers:

Your surrogacy attorney is there to draft your surrogacy contract, ensure that the surrogacy contract receives judicial approval prior to embryo transfer and more.

Maternity Hospitals in Dallas

Creating a birth plan as a surrogate in Dallas includes choosing the hospital where you’d like to give birth to the intended parents’ child. Generally, the parents will travel to you to join you for the birth.

Some of the Dallas-area maternity hospitals and birth centers that you could choose to utilize in your surrogate birth plan include:

Choosing Your Dallas Surrogacy Professionals

Your surrogacy professional is your guide throughout the complex legal, medical and emotional steps of surrogacy in Dallas, Texas, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with whom you choose to work with. Finding the right Dallas surrogacy professional for your individual goals and needs may seem overwhelming, but asking the right questions can help narrow down your search.  Start with these:

You can contact a Dallas surrogacy professional now if you’d like to receive more information about how to become an intended parent or surrogate mother in Dallas, Texas.

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