The Texas Surrogacy Process, Laws and More

Becoming a surrogate or growing your family through surrogacy can be an exciting – but overwhelming – process. And, because surrogacy laws, processes and resources vary from state to state, it can be especially challenging to find information specific to pursuing surrogacy in Texas.

The articles below provide the answers, guidance and information you need to confidently start your Texas surrogacy journey today, whether you are interested in becoming a surrogate or adding to your family through surrogacy in Texas. Learn about local surrogacy laws and professionals, requirements and more.

  • Texas Surrogacy Process

    Unsure about the surrogacy process in Texas, but think you might want to have a child through surrogacy or become a surrogate yourself? Here’s how Texas surrogacy works for intended parents and surrogates.

  • Texas Surrogacy Laws

    Will these Texas surrogacy laws affect your ability to have a child through surrogacy or to become a surrogate in TX? Find out which of these surrogacy laws in Texas will impact your surrogacy dreams.

  • Texas Surrogacy Requirements

    Do you meet the requirements to become a surrogate in Texas? Find out if you have what it takes to become a surrogate in the state of Texas here, and learn more about the legal, health and social requirements of TX surrogacy.

  • Become a Surrogate in TX

    Are you willing to give the gift of a child to hopeful parents? Here’s how to become a surrogate in Texas and how you can help others to complete their family by becoming a surrogate in Texas. Apply now.

  • Find a Surrogate in TX

    Are you an intended parent looking for a surrogate mother? Then finding the right surrogate for your Texas surrogacy journey is critical. This guide will help. Here’s how to find a surrogate in Texas or in any state.

  • TX Surrogacy Professionals

    The most comprehensive list of Texas surrogacy agencies, attorneys and other useful resources for intended parents and surrogates in TX. Start the process of surrogacy in Texas with this resource list and find everything you need in one place.

  • Surrogacy in Austin

    Are you an intended parent or a surrogate in Austin, TX? Find all the resources you’ll need to complete your Austin surrogacy journey right here, including the best agencies for surrogacy in Austin and more.

  • Surrogacy in Dallas

    Get everything you’ll need for your Dallas surrogacy journey in one comprehensive list here, whether you’re a Dallas surrogate or an intended parent. Start the process of surrogacy in Dallas with this guide.

  • Surrogacy in Fort Worth

    This resource list has everything you’ll need if you’re pursuing surrogacy in Fort Worth, TX, whether you’re an intended parent or a potential Ft. Worth surrogate. Start your Fort Worth surrogacy process here.

  • Surrogacy in Houston

    Are you an intended parent or a hoping to become a surrogate in Houston, TX? This list of resources for Houston surrogacy has everything you need to begin, including the best Houston surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics and more.

  • Surrogacy in San Antonio

    Begin your San Antonio surrogacy journey right here with this complete list of the best surrogacy agencies, professionals, resources and more for intended parents and surrogates in San Antonio, TX.