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Rhode Island Surrogacy Requirements

Key Points:
  • Rhode Island surrogacy eligibility is determined by professionals based on age, health criteria, and lifestyle factors like being smoke- and drug-free with a specific BMI range.
  • Surrogacy professionals assess psychological and emotional readiness for surrogates interested in beginning the process.
  • Additional requirements for Rhode Island surrogates involve a variety of factors including a U.S. residency or citizenship, passing background checks and more.
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By becoming a surrogate in Rhode Island, you could give someone the chance at something extraordinary — the ability to be a parent and to love a child. But, if you’ve ever thought about being a surrogate, you’ll first need to check that you meet the surrogate mother requirements.

In some states, the state’s laws outline who is and is not eligible for surrogacy. However, there are no established Rhode Island surrogacy laws. In Rhode Island, your surrogacy professional will be the one to set the requirements for surrogates, so you’ll need to check with them to determine whether you are eligible for this process.

The following information will help you learn if you meet the requirements for surrogacy in Rhode Island so that you can find out if you’re ready to begin your own surrogacy journey:

“Is There an Age Limit to Being a Surrogate in RI?”

Yes. There are age restrictions for surrogacy in Rhode Island and everywhere in the U.S., with every surrogacy professional.

Wanting to help someone to have the child they’ve dreamed of isn’t limited to an age, so one of the most commonly asked questions about the surrogacy requirements in Rhode Island is, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate mother in Rhode Island?”

The age requirement for surrogates in Rhode Island is set by professionals rather than by state law. The exact age can vary from one professional to the next, but most will ask that surrogates be between 21 and 40 years old.

The purpose of this requirement is to minimize potential health and legal risks for everyone involved. Medical professionals feel that women within a certain age range are able to adapt to the physical extremes pregnancy and surrogacy with the most relative ease.


Surrogacy requirements in Rhode Island are designed to protect your well-being and ensures a safe, legal process for everyone involved.

“What are the Health Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in RI?”

Many women who are hoping to become a surrogate worry that a certain health issue will keep them from meeting the surrogate health requirements in RI. They’ll ask questions like, “Can I be a surrogate if I’ve had a pregnancy complication in the past?” “Is surrogacy after tubal ligation safe?” “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in Rhode Island?” “Can I still be a surrogate if I have an STD?” “In Rhode Island, is surrogacy without previous pregnancy an option?”

Although there are no state laws in Rhode Island detailing health requirements that a prospective surrogate must meet, every surrogacy professionals has its own surrogate health requirements. In general, Rhode Island surrogates must:

  • Have had no previous complications with their pregnancies and births
  • Be smoke- and drug-free, including second-hand smoke
  • Have a BMI within about 19-33 (calculate your BMI here)
  • Have not exceeded a certain number of births, both vaginally and via cesarean
  • And meet other important health requirements

If you’re able to meet the initial health criteria to be a surrogate in Rhode Island, you’ll then need to undergo a series of medical screening processes. This screening process is to make sure that you’re physically healthy enough to move forward with the medical processes of surrogacy, such as fertility treatments, medications, embryo transfers and more.

“What are the Psychological Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in Rhode Island?”

There are also some mental and emotional criteria for surrogacy in Rhode Island that are just as important as the physical criteria. Women will ask, “Can anyone be a surrogate mother in Rhode Island?” “How will I know if I’m ready to become a surrogate?”

As you know, pregnancy is mentally and emotionally strenuous as well as physically. Preparing for the emotions that are commonly experienced throughout the surrogacy journey is one of the ideal qualifications for being a surrogate in Rhode Island. Surrogacy professionals will complete a psychological evaluation of prospective surrogates that usually involves talking about possible scenarios in surrogacy and the potential accompanying emotions.

In addition to being mentally ready for surrogacy, an important requirement for surrogacy in Rhode Island is to have emotional support in your life. Surrogates will ideally have a partner or spouse to encourage and support them throughout the process, and have at least one child that they’re raising in their home.

“Are There Any Other Requirements for Surrogacy in Rhode Island?”

Yes. Your surrogacy professional will have additional requirements for surrogates in Rhode Island that can vary slightly. Some of the most common questions about other surrogacy requirements in RI include, “Who can be a surrogate? Do I have to have a car?” “Am I eligible to be a surrogate mother in Rhode Island if I’m on welfare?”

Although these specific requirements can vary amongst different professionals, most of the requirements for surrogates in RI will ask that you:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be a permanent U.S. resident or a U.S. citizen
  • Submit to background checks
  • Currently not be receiving any government financial assistance
  • Commit to traveling to and attending all surrogacy-related appointments for up to one year
  • Can have your spouse confirm their commitment (if you’re married) to your surrogacy journey, for legal purposes

Although the total list may seem long, if you’re able to meet the surrogate qualifications, Rhode Island families who have been longing for a child can benefit from your willingness to help. Becoming a surrogate is an unparalleled experience.

Want to see if you meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in RI? Interested in learning more about how to become a surrogate? Contact a surrogacy professional now for more information.

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