Surrogacy in Allentown, PA

What do you need for surrogacy in Allentown, Pennsylvania? Here’s a complete list of all the best local professionals, so intended parents and Allentown surrogates can find the agencies, clinics, attorneys and other resources they need to complete the Allentown, PA, surrogacy process.

In order to complete the often-complicated process of surrogacy in Allentown, Pennsylvania, surrogates and intended parents alike will need to work with a series of trusted professionals. The following guide has made it easy for you to connect with the Allentown, PA, surrogacy professionals you’ll need to achieve your surrogacy dream.

Contact an Allentown surrogacy professional now to learn more about the Pennsylvania surrogacy process or to become an intended parent or surrogate in Allentown. Just getting started? The following collection of the best nearby surrogacy resources can point you in the right direction.

Surrogacy Agencies in Allentown

If you don’t have any prior experience with Pennsylvania surrogacy (or even if you do), you might consider working with an Allentown surrogacy agency. These professionals provide intended parents and surrogates with all of the services required to complete the entire surrogacy process, including screening, matching, case management, counseling and referrals. This way, you only need to work with one professional throughout your surrogacy process. Allentown surrogacy agencies are ideal for people who prefer to have everything handled for them rather than being responsible for everything themselves, as they would be in an independent surrogacy without an agency.

Some surrogacy agencies that work with surrogate and intended parents in Allentown include:

Surrogacy Clinics in Allentown, Pennsylvania

You’ll need to connect with a reputable fertility clinic, also sometimes called an Allentown surrogacy clinic. This is where you’ll complete the medical stages of your surrogacy process, like IVF and the embryo transfer.

Intended parents who were previously receiving fertility treatments through a particular clinic prior to pursuing surrogacy may wish to continue going to that clinic, so out-of-town surrogates typically travel to that clinic. If the intended parents don’t have a connection to an Allentown surrogacy clinic, your agency or program can usually refer you to a trusted fertility professional for the medical steps of surrogacy in Allentown, PA, like this provider:

Allentown Surrogacy Lawyers

Surrogates and intended parents in Allentown will need individual legal representation by an Allentown surrogacy attorney throughout the legal stages of surrogacy. Your surrogacy agency can help you connect with a good attorney, or you could reach out to one of these lawyers who work with Allentown residents:

Your attorney will draft your surrogacy contract, help you to establish parental rights for the intended parents, ensure that all Pennsylvania surrogacy laws are adhered to and more. It’s important that each party has their own legal representation so that everyone is fairly advocated for during the legal process of surrogacy.

Maternity Hospitals nearest Allentown

Surrogates and intended parents usually like to be together to welcome the baby. During the surrogacy contract creation, you can discuss how involved you want to be in each other’s lives throughout the pregnancy and birth process. The surrogate will also establish where and how she prefers to give birth. Intended parents usually travel to her location when she goes into labor.

Nearby hospital and birth center options you could choose from for your birth plan as a surrogate mother include:

Starting Your Allentown Surrogacy Process

It can be intimidating at first to start your search for an Allentown surrogacy professional. After all, you’re trusting them with one of the most important tasks! They’ll be the one to guide you through the complex process of surrogacy, and it’s important that they meet your individual needs and goals.

To find out which surrogate agency in Allentown, Pennsylvania is the best fit for you, start by asking the right questions, like:

Working with the right Allentown, Pennsylvania, surrogacy professional is important for making sure that your surrogacy process is as smooth and low-stress as possible. No two people have the same surrogacy goals, and no two surrogacy professionals are alike. So there’s no “one-size-fits-all” professional that will work best for everyone. There’s simply the one that works best for you.

Want to learn more about surrogacy in Allentown, PA? Ready to begin your own journey to becoming a family? Want to become an Allentown surrogate? Contact an Allentown surrogacy professional now for more information.

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