Surrogacy in Salem

Find everything you need to begin your Salem, Oregon, surrogacy process in one easy list. Here, you can locate top-rated professionals for surrogacy in Salem, OR, and find out how to become a surrogate or intended parent today.

Many hopeful intended parents and prospective surrogates are left wondering, “Where would I even start the Salem surrogacy process?” Right here is a great start.

The following list contains the top-rated Salem, OR, surrogacy professionals, so you can find everything you need to start pursuing your goals for surrogacy in Salem, Oregon. Surrogates and intended parents alike will need to work with reputable surrogacy professionals in order to complete the Salem surrogacy process, so start with these:

Surrogacy Agencies nearest Salem, OR

When you work with a Salem surrogate agency (sometimes also called a surrogacy program), you’re able to receive all the services needed to complete the process from start to finish, so you have one point of contact through the process. Salem surrogacy agencies will handle screening, matching, case management, counseling and any referrals you might need, so they’re the preferred option for most surrogates and intended parents, as they’re a “one-stop shop.”

Surrogacy agencies that will work with intended parents and surrogates in Salem, Oregon, include:

Surrogacy Clinics nearest Salem, Oregon

For the medical processes of surrogacy in Salem, OR, including IVF and embryo transfers, you’ll need to coordinate with a fertility clinic, also sometimes called a surrogacy clinic.

Some intended parents may have been previously working with a fertility clinic if they were receiving fertility treatments prior to pursuing surrogacy. In those situations, intended parents are generally welcome to continue working with that clinic for the surrogacy process. Surrogates will typically work with the intended parents’ preferred fertility clinic, so surrogates who are not local may need to travel for a couple key appointments. Any travel expenses will be covered for the surrogate by the intended parents.

If the intended parents don’t already have a relationship with a Salem surrogacy clinic, your surrogacy professional can refer you to a trusted clinic like one of these nearby locations:

Salem Surrogacy Lawyers

Intended parents and surrogates in Salem, Oregon, will need to be individually represented by Salem surrogacy attorneys for the legal steps of the process. Your surrogacy professional can refer you to a good attorney, or you can reach out to one of these Oregon-based lawyers:

Your Salem, OR, surrogacy attorney will draft your surrogacy contract, establish legal parental rights for the intended parents, file pre- or post-birth parentage orders whenever possible, handle surrogate compensation and more. It’s important to have separate legal counsel for each party so that everyone’s rights are fairly represented throughout the Salem, Oregon, surrogacy process.

Maternity Hospitals in Salem

Surrogacy birth is a unique and special experience, and it’s one that surrogates and intended parents prefer to share together. When you establish your surrogacy contract together, you’ll decided how much you’d each like to be involved during this time and agree to the surrogate’s preferred birth plan. When a surrogate goes into labor, the intended parents usually travel to support her and be there for the arrival of their baby. Knowing where and how the surrogate would like to deliver can help everyone feel more prepared for when she goes into labor and quick travel may be needed.

Some nearby Salem hospitals and birthing centers that you might consider incorporating into your surrogacy birth plan include:

Choosing Your Salem Surrogacy Professionals

One of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth and successful surrogacy experience is to choose the right professional to work with. They’ll be your point of contact for just about everything throughout your Salem surrogacy process, after all. How will you know the right one for you? Asking the right questions is always a good place to start.

Be sure to ask potential professionals for surrogacy in Salem, OR, questions like:

Achieving your dreams of having a family or helping someone else to becoming a parent through surrogacy in Salem, OR, will be much easier and less stressful when you’re working with a reputable professional. It’s important that a potential surrogacy professional meets your individual needs, as there is no one surrogacy professional that is right for everyone.

For more information about how to become a parent through surrogacy in Salem, Oregon, or how to become a surrogate for someone else, contact a surrogacy professional now.

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