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Surrogates and intended parents alike need the help of a team of Hillsboro surrogacy professionals to navigate the often complex processes ahead of them. We’ve helped you get started by compiling all of the best local professionals for surrogacy in Hillsboro, Oregon, into one easy-to-use resource list. Here, you can find the top clinics, attorneys, Hillsboro surrogacy agencies and more.

Whether you simply need information on surrogacy in Oregon, or you’d like to start your journey to becoming a parent or becoming a surrogate in Hillsboro, you can contact a surrogacy professional now to learn more.

Or, you can start with this Hillsboro surrogacy resource list to find the professionals who will help you to realize your surrogacy dream:

Surrogacy Agencies in Hillsboro, OR

A Hillsboro surrogacy agency (also called a surrogacy program or matching program) takes care of all the services throughout the process for intended parents, including searching, screening, matching, counseling, case management and any referrals you might need. Because you only have one point of contact and everything is handled for you, many parents and surrogates who have never experienced surrogacy before opt to work with an agency who can juggle everything for them.

Some of the best surrogacy agencies who can work with intended parents and surrogates in Hillsboro, OR, include:

Surrogacy Clinics nearest Hillsboro, Oregon

A fertility clinic, also sometimes called a Hillsboro surrogacy clinic, is needed to complete the medical steps of your surrogacy process. Intended parents often choose the fertility clinic that they and their surrogate will work with, as many intended parents received fertility treatments with a certain clinics before they turned to surrogacy. If, however, you don’t already have a particular clinic in mind, your professional for surrogacy in Hillsboro, OR, can put you in touch with a trusted local professional.

Surrogates who live outside of Hillsboro may need to travel to their intended parents’ clinic for a couple of the major appointments like embryo transfers, but will be compensated by the intended parents for any travel expenses they may incur.

Some of the nearest options for fertility clinics that you can choose to work with for your Hillsboro surrogacy process include:

Hillsboro Surrogacy Lawyers

A Hillsboro surrogacy lawyer will be needed for the intended parents as well as the surrogate for the legal stages of the surrogacy process. This includes the creation of a surrogacy contract, which must be finalized prior to the medical processes of surrogacy. Your surrogacy contract will cover important topics such as surrogate compensation, establishing the legal parental rights for the intended parents, the social roles of everyone involved, the risks that each party accepts, what everyone would want to do in the event of pregnancy complications and other necessary points.

Your Hillsboro surrogacy attorney will help you to complete your surrogacy process in accordance with any relevant Oregon surrogacy laws, and ensure that everything is up to ethical and legal standards. A Hillsboro, Oregon, surrogacy agency can put you in contact with a local reputable attorney, or you can get in touch with one of these nearby lawyers;

Maternity Hospitals in Hillsboro

A surrogacy birth plan is typically established by the surrogate during the creation of the surrogacy contract, and will outline where and how she feels comfortable delivering the baby. Intended parents who live outside of Hillsboro will generally travel to their surrogate when she goes into labor so that they can support her and be there to greet their baby.

There are several nearby options for maternity hospitals and birth centers in Hillsboro, which you might consider for your surrogacy birth plan:

Choosing Your Hillsboro Surrogacy Professionals

Finding the right professional for surrogacy in Hillsboro, Oregon, is important for ensuring your peace of mind throughout your surrogacy process. This professional will be your guide throughout a complex process, and you’ll want to know that you can rely on them for the information and support that you need during this important time.

It’s important that a Hillsboro surrogacy professional not only achieves results and meets your own set of needs and goals, but also fits well with you and your surrogacy partner. Asking the right questions can help you to gain a better understanding of whether or not a professional is going to be a good fit. Be sure to start with questions like:

  • “What are your requirements for intended parents and surrogates in Hillsboro?”
  • “What’s your screening process like?”
  • “Do you match surrogates and intended parents together? If so, what’s that process like?”
  • “What other services do you offer for intended parents and surrogates in Hillsboro?”
  • “What’s the cost of your services, on average, for intended parents?”

Knowing that you’re in good hands will make a world of difference when you’re setting out to grow your family or help someone else to have a child!

Want to learn more about how to become a parent via surrogacy in Hillsboro, Oregon? Interested in becoming a surrogate in Hillsboro? Then it’s time to contact a surrogacy professional. They’ll provide you with the information you need to begin your surrogacy journey.

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