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Oregon Surrogacy Professionals

Key Points:
  • Surrogacy in Oregon involves working with a variety of professionals to complete the process.
  • One of the more common professionals to work with is surrogacy agencies because they provide full-service support from start to finish.
  • The surrogacy professional you choose can effect on your overall experience.

Whether you’re looking for a fertility clinic, attorney or surrogacy agency, Oregon has a wealth of options for families who are hoping to expand through surrogacy and women who would like to become surrogates for others. We’ve compiled a list of the best professionals and resources for surrogacy in Oregon, so you can find everything you need in one easy place.

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Or, start with the following list of the top-rated legal representatives, medical providers and surrogacy agencies in Oregon to find the professionals and resources you’ll need to help you achieve your surrogacy dream:

Surrogacy Agencies in Oregon

An Oregon surrogate agency (sometimes also called a surrogacy program) works with intended parents and surrogates, and is usually able to complete the entire process for them. Surrogate agencies in Oregon handle searching, screening, matching, counseling and case management.


Surrogacy agencies in Oregon can connect you to the professionals you need so you don’t have to find them on your own.

If you don’t have any experience with surrogacy, you may find the security and ease preferable when working with surrogacy agencies. You have several local and national options for surrogate agencies in Oregon, including:

International Surrogacy Agencies in Oregon

Oregon international surrogacy centers are recommended for intended parents who live in countries where surrogacy is either not well-regulated or not permitted. International families will sometimes work with surrogacy agencies in Oregon to have their family legally and ethically, as they can’t do this in their own country using a surrogate mother agency. Oregon surrogates may partner with these international intended parents using an agency like the ones below:

Surrogacy Clinics in Oregon

An Oregon fertility clinic, also sometimes referred to as a surrogacy clinic, is where the intended parents and surrogate will complete the medical steps of their surrogacy process, such as IVF and embryo transfer. Some intended parents were pursuing fertility treatments through a particular clinic prior to beginning the surrogacy process, so they may wish to return to that same clinic. Surrogates usually work with the intended parents’ clinic fort key appointments, like embryo transfers.

If the intended parents don’t have a fertility clinic already in mind, you can usually get referred to a high-quality provider through your surrogacy agency. Oregon has several options for fertility clinics, including these professionals, who can help you complete the medical stages of your surrogacy process:

Oregon Surrogacy Lawyers

Intended parents and surrogates in Oregon will each need individual representation by an Oregon surrogacy attorney, also sometimes referred to as an ART attorney. They’ll guide you through the legal stages of your surrogacy process, including the creation of your surrogacy contract, establishing the legal parental rights of the intended parents and more. An Oregon surrogacy agency can refer you to a reputable surrogacy attorney in Oregon, or you can contact one of these local professionals for help with the legal process of surrogacy:

Maternity Hospitals in Oregon

Surrogates will typically establish where and how they feel comfortable delivering when the surrogacy contract is created. They’ll outline a surrogacy birth plan, which includes the hospital or birth center where they’d like to deliver. Intended parents who live in a different city or state from their surrogate will usually travel to this location as soon as their surrogate goes into labor, so that they can support her and greet their new baby.

There are a number of maternity hospitals and birth centers throughout Oregon that you could incorporate into your surrogacy birth plan, including:

How to Know You’re Working with the Right Oregon Professionals

Just as matching with the right surrogate or intended parent is important, partnering with the right Oregon surrogacy agency, fertility clinic, attorney and other professionals will be necessary for a smooth and low-stress surrogacy experience. You need to feel confident that you can turn to your Oregon surrogacy professional for support, guidance and information at any point during your surrogacy process, as they’ll be your go-to through a complex journey.

One of the best strategies for assessing whether or not a potential Oregon surrogacy professional is going to be the right fit for you is to ask the right questions. Start with:

  • Asking about the requirements for surrogates and intended parents in Oregon
  • Learning about their screening process for intended parents and surrogates
  • Asking if they match surrogates and intended parents, and if so, how they match them
  • Getting a list of their full range of services for intended parents and surrogates in OR
  • Getting a price quote for how much intended parents can expect to pay for their services

Starting with those basic questions will give you a baseline of whether a potential surrogacy agency or professional in Oregon will be able to meet your needs and goals.

Contact an Oregon surrogacy professional now to receive information on becoming a parent through surrogacy in Oregon or to learn how to become a surrogate in Oregon. Reach out now, and a surrogacy professional can help you begin your surrogacy journey today.

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