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Nevada Surrogacy Requirements

One of the most unique and amazing gifts that a woman can give to another person is becoming a surrogate in Nevada. But before she can do this, she must meet some important surrogate mother requirements. Nevada has a series of requirements that prospective surrogates must meet, set by state surrogacy law, and individual surrogacy professionals will also have additional Nevada surrogacy requirements, which can vary from one professional to the next.

The following guide will help you to better understand the typical requirements for surrogates in Nevada, so you can find out if you meet the requirements for surrogacy in NV and start your own surrogacy journey:

“Is There an Age Limit to Being a Surrogate in NV?”

Yes. One of the questions that people first ask about the surrogacy requirements in Nevada is, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate mother in Nevada?”

Women of all ages can feel drawn to helping others achieve their dreams of parenthood through surrogacy, but unfortunately, only bodies within a certain age range are able to adapt to the extremes of pregnancy with relative ease. This is why there are age restrictions for surrogacy in Nevada and in every state, as well as with all surrogacy professionals. There is always some amount of physical risk involved in pregnancy, which the restrictions attempt to minimize by asking that surrogates be within a certain age range. This hopefully minimizes the possibility of health risks for yourself as well as for the baby, and minimizes the legal risks for everyone.

Although the age requirements set by each surrogacy professional can vary somewhat, the age requirement for surrogates in Nevada is generally about 21 to 40 years old.

“What are the Health Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in NV?”

A specific health concern is often a worry for women who aren’t sure that they’ll be able to meet the surrogate health requirements in NV. They ask questions like, “Is surrogacy without previous pregnancy an option?” “If I’ve had complications with past pregnancies, can I still be a surrogate?” “Is surrogacy after tubal ligation possible?” “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in Nevada?”

The surrogate health requirements in Nevada, which also exist in varying forms in every state, are there for your safety as well as the safety of the baby and the legal safety of intended parents. The Nevada surrogate health requirements in the state’s surrogate eligibility laws say that a woman must:

  • Have “completed a medical evaluation relating to the anticipated pregnancy”
  • “Not contribute any gametes that will ultimately result in an embryo that she will attempt to carry to term”

In addition to those state-mandated requirements, your surrogacy professional will have some more health criteria to be a surrogate that you’ll need to meet, which can vary slightly depending on the professional. Those additional health requirements to be a surrogate mother in Nevada will usually ask that:

  • You have given birth at least once without any complication
  • You’ve had no more than five vaginal births or three cesarean births
  • You’re smoke- and drug-free, including second-hand smoke
  • You have a BMI within about 19-33 (calculate your BMI here)

If you meet those criteria for surrogacy in Nevada, then you’ll be medically screened, which involves tests and physicals to ensure you’re physically healthy enough for the medical processes of surrogacy. You’ll need to be able to complete fertility treatments, embryo transfers and more, so it’s important that a doctor confirms that you’re well enough for this.

“What are the Mental and Emotional Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in NV?”

Some of the mental and emotional qualifications for being a surrogate in Nevada can be difficult to define, so women will ask, “Can anyone be a surrogate mother in Nevada? How will I know if I’m emotionally ready to become a surrogate?”

Pregnancy is, of course, physically exhausting, but it can also be mentally and emotionally tiring, too. The emotions of surrogacy can add to the normal stress of pregnancy for many surrogates, so it’s important to understand and prepare for the emotional process as you would the physical or legal processes. In order to become a surrogate, surrogacy professionals will psychologically screen candidates in addition to the medical screening. This process usually involves discussing potential emotions you might experience throughout your surrogacy journey, how you’d approach possible situations and more.

A common requirement for surrogacy in Nevada that professionals look for is women who have strong emotional support systems. Ideally, surrogates will have an encouraging and supportive spouse or partner and at least one child they are raising at home.

“Are There Other Requirements for Surrogacy in Nevada?”

Yes. There are a few other requirements for surrogates in Nevada that may affect whether or not you’re eligible. There are many questions that women have about the other potential surrogacy requirements, like: “Who can be a surrogate in Nevada? Will I need to have a car?” “If I’m receiving financial assistance from the government, am I eligible to be a surrogate mother in Nevada?”

The state of Nevada requires that prospective surrogates undergo “legal consultation with independent legal counsel regarding the terms of the gestational agreement and the potential legal consequences of the gestational carrier arrangement.” In addition to the state’s legal requirement, some of the other surrogate qualifications that Nevada professionals will commonly ask of surrogates include that a surrogate must:

  • Speak fluent English
  • Be a permanent U.S. resident
  • Complete a background check
  • Not currently receive any government financial aid
  • Be able to commit to all surrogacy- and pregnancy-related appointments for up to a year, and be able to travel to those appointments
  • For legal purposes, have the commitment of your spouse (if you’re married) to your decision to pursue surrogacy

If you meet these surrogate qualifications, Nevada families who have been waiting and longing for a child can finally have their dreams come true thanks to your giving heart and your incredible decision to become a surrogate. Do you think you might meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in NV? Find out now by contacting a surrogacy professional.

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