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Surrogacy in Reno

The dream of becoming a parent through surrogacy in Reno, Nevada, isn’t achieved by just a surrogate with a generous heart and excited intended parents. A whole team of experienced Reno surrogacy professionals is needed to complete the Nevada surrogacy process.

To help you find the best fertility clinics, legal representatives, Reno surrogacy agencies and programs and other helpful local resources, we’ve made a list of everything you might need throughout the process of surrogacy in Reno, NV. Ready to start your surrogacy journey right now? Contact a surrogacy professional to begin.

Surrogacy Agencies in Reno, Nevada

A Reno surrogacy agency is also commonly called a surrogacy program or matching program. These professionals complete all of the services that intended parents and surrogates need, like searching, screening, matching, counseling, case management, referrals and more.

Especially for those who don’t have any prior experience with surrogacy, partnering with a surrogacy agency in Reno, NV, is usually the preferred option. Agencies serve as the primary point of contact and handle everything for you.

The nearest surrogacy agencies that can help Reno surrogates and intended parents meet their surrogacy goals include:

Surrogacy Clinics in Reno, Nevada

For the medical steps of surrogacy, you’ll need to partner with a local fertility clinic, also commonly called a Reno surrogacy clinic. Some intended parents have a preexisting relationship with a fertility clinic from before they decided to pursue surrogacy in Reno, and they may wish to return to that clinic for the medical procedures needed in surrogacy. Surrogates will usually need to work with the intended parents’ clinic for a couple of the most important appointments, like embryo transfers. This means that if a surrogate lives out of town, she might need to travel to that clinic, with travel expenses compensated for her by the intended parents.

If you don’t already have a Reno, NV, surrogacy clinic in mind, your surrogacy professional can put you in touch with a trusted provider like this one:

Reno Surrogacy Lawyers

The legal stages of the Reno, Nevada, surrogacy process will need to be completed by a surrogacy attorney. Intended parents and surrogates must be individually represented by Reno surrogacy attorneys. You must also complete your surrogacy contract with your attorney prior to taking any medical action.

The surrogacy contract will cover several important points, like the legal parental rights of intended parents, compensation for surrogates, the risk and roles that everyone is agreeing to take on and more.

There are several options for local surrogacy attorneys who can help guide you through Nevada surrogacy laws, including:

Maternity Hospitals in Reno

A surrogate usually creates a birth plan during the surrogacy contract planning stage. At that point, she’ll outline where and how she wants to deliver the baby and the intended parents can discuss their potential travel plans for when she’s in labor.

There are a few local options around Reno that might be convenient for the baby’s birth and the surrogate’s comfort, including:

Starting Your Reno Surrogacy Journey

One of the first and best steps you can take toward a safe and smooth surrogacy experience is to choose the professional for surrogacy in Reno, Nevada, that’s right for you. The right professional will be able to meet your individual needs, but they’ll also keep you informed, remain transparent with you and support you through the Reno surrogacy process.

A good start for assessing whether or not a surrogacy professional might be the right match for you is to ask plenty of questions. Be sure to include questions about:

  • The requirements asked of intended parents and surrogates who are working with this professional
  • The screening process that surrogates and intended parents must complete
  • If they offer matching services for surrogates and intended parents, and if so, how that process works
  • Any other services that may be offered to intended parents and surrogates
  • The average costs for intended parents working with this professional

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your surrogacy professional, as they’ll be your guide and go-to, allowing you to truly enjoy this life-changing surrogacy experience.

Interested in learning more about how to become a parent through surrogacy in Reno, Nevada, or about becoming a surrogate mother in Reno? Contact a surrogacy professional now for more information and to begin your surrogacy journey.

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