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Surrogacy in Missouri

Although the lack of formal surrogacy laws in Missouri can make the process seem confusing, it doesn’t have to be that way when you have the right resources and support. If you want to learn more about how surrogacy in Missouri works, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you can find a detailed description of the Missouri surrogacy process, step by step, as well as other important surrogacy information. If you have more questions or want to start your Missouri surrogacy today, reach out to us online.

What is Surrogacy in Missouri?

It’s important that all intended parents and prospective surrogates understand that every surrogacy process is different. There are many factors that go into a surrogacy journey, and many of those are dependent upon the situation of the people involved.

To help you better understand what surrogacy in Missouri is, here are the main steps you’ll take through the entire Missouri surrogacy process:

Step 1: Decide if surrogacy in Missouri is right for you. Before you take any further steps in your Missouri surrogacy journey, you should know what the process entails and that you are confident it is the right choice for you. You can always contact a surrogacy professional to talk about your individual situation.

Step 2: Choose a surrogacy professional to work with and create your surrogacy plan. You will need to work with a surrogacy attorney during your Missouri surrogacy process, as well as a fertility clinic. By working with a surrogacy agency, they can help you find other trusted surrogacy professionals and coordinate any services you will need along the way.

Step 3: Complete pre-surrogacy screening. You will be asked to complete a pre-screening before you can move forward with your surrogacy plan. This will involve a complete background screening and medical screening to determine that you are ready for the time, energy, and commitment the Missouri surrogacy process requires.

Although the screening process can seem like a lot at first, your Missouri surrogacy professional will guide you every step of the way so you’re not going through any of it alone.

Step 4: Find a gestational surrogacy carrier or intended parent. Once you meet all necessary requirements, you can start working with your Missouri surrogacy professional to discuss your preferences for your ideal surrogacy partner. Your surrogacy professional will use those preferences to find a surrogacy match who shares the same goals as you. They can also help set up an introductory meeting so you and the potential match can talk and get to know one another before you commit to the match.

Step 5: Create a surrogacy contract. If you and your surrogacy match are approved and ready to move forward with your gestational surrogacy process in Missouri, your match will be finalized with a legal contract. You will both be represented by separate surrogacy attorneys, who will draft your contract and discuss all necessary legal terms and requirements.

Step 6: Complete the medical process. You and your surrogacy match will work with a fertility clinic to prepare for and complete the embryo transfer process. The intended parents will cover all medical and travel costs for the surrogate. Once the pregnancy is confirmed by a physician, the surrogate can receive her prenatal care from her obstetrician and deliver at the hospital of her choice.

Step 7: Finalize your Missouri surrogacy process. The intended parents will be present for the baby’s delivery. Before hospital discharge, the intended parents’ surrogacy attorney will make sure any necessary steps are taken care of to establish parental rights. The Missouri surrogacy process will be complete once the surrogate receives her final compensation payment upon the birth of the child.

Missouri Surrogacy Agencies [What Are They and What Do They Do?]

The decision to work with a Missouri surrogacy agency, and which one to work with, will always be your choice. Many prospective surrogates and intended parents find that working with an experienced surrogacy agency can save them a lot of stress from organizing their Missouri surrogacy on their own, especially if this is their first surrogacy experience.

Many surrogacy agencies in Missouri offer important services, including:

  • Support and counseling services
  • Pre-screening and background checks
  • References to other surrogacy professionals
  • And more

For many surrogates and intended parents, the services provided by surrogacy agencies in Missouri offer many advantages during a complicated process. Working with a surrogacy agency in Missouri instead of completing an independent surrogacy allows the time for surrogates and intended parents to focus on a healthy pregnancy and building a positive relationship together.

You can always reach out to any of the following surrogacy agencies to learn more about the Missouri surrogacy process with their program:

How to Become a Surrogate in Missouri

Here’s what you need to know about how to become a surrogate in Missouri:

Step 1: Contact a surrogacy professional. The surrogacy journey can be complex and confusing, especially if this is your first experience as a prospective surrogate. When you work without a surrogacy agency, you will have to coordinate every step of your journey all on your own.

By working with a surrogacy professional in Missouri, your surrogacy professional will handle every step of the process. This will allow you to focus on creating a positive relationship with your intended parents and having a healthy pregnancy.

Step 2: Complete pre-screening and meet all necessary surrogacy requirements. During this step, your surrogacy professional will make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for the Missouri surrogacy journey. In order to become a surrogate, you must:

  • Have a healthy BMI
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 43
  • Have gone through at least one successful previous pregnancy
  • Have raised at least one child at home
  • And more

*Some exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis.

It may seem like there are a lot requirements to meet, but they’re all to ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared for the journey ahead.

Step 3: Find intended parents. Once you are approved for the Missouri surrogacy process, you and your surrogacy professional will start the process of finding intended parents. You will discuss your surrogacy goals and preferences, and your professional will search for potential matches. Once you find someone you match with, you can choose to meet them beforehand to get to know them before fully committing to the match.

Step 4: Complete the surrogacy medical process. You will undergo an individualized medical protocol to prepare your body for the embryo transfer at the intended parents’ fertility clinic. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you will work with your obstetrician for prenatal care until it’s time to give birth and finalize your Missouri surrogacy.

Missouri Surrogate Compensation [How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?]

With no formal laws for surrogacy in Missouri, the process is treated like a contract. If your Missouri surrogacy contract involves surrogate compensation, it is legal for surrogates to receive compensation for their services. Because of this, there is also no restriction or regulation on how much a surrogate can be paid in Missouri.

Typically, the base compensation a surrogate in Missouri can expect to receive is anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000, depending on:

  • The policies of the surrogacy agency, if you work with one
  • Your surrogacy experience
  • The intended parents’ budget

This compensation is paid by the intended parents and can be used by the surrogate however she wishes, and is paid to her in monthly installments once a pregnancy is confirmed, with the last payment after the birth of the baby.

Reach Out to a Missouri Surrogacy Professional Today

Because every Missouri surrogacy journey is different, we encourage you to reach out to a surrogacy professional to get more personalized information and guidance moving forward. When you are ready to begin your surrogacy in Missouri, we will be ready to help.

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