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The Best Surrogacy Professionals in Kansas — Agencies, Attorneys and More

Key Points
  • For those considering surrogacy in Kansas, selecting the right professionals is crucial for a successful and safe surrogacy journey.
  • Surrogacy attorneys in Kansas are essential, helping navigate surrogacy laws, drafting legal contracts and establishing parental rights.
  • Surrogacy agencies in Kansas, or national agencies working throughout the U.S., offer advantages such as expert guidance, matching services and support throughout the surrogacy journey.

Considering surrogacy in Kansas? Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective surrogate, you will need to work with certain professionals to safely and successfully make your surrogacy dreams come true.

Choosing a surrogacy professional is an important step of your surrogacy journey. Your professionals will often guide the entirety of your surrogacy, so finding an experienced Kansas surrogacy agency, surrogacy attorney and surrogacy clinic from the beginning will establish the best practices for your process moving forward.

In this article, you’ll find a list of some of the most important Kansas surrogacy professionals you will need. As you begin your research, learn more about the surrogacy agencies, surrogacy attorneys and surrogacy clinics in Kansas that you can choose from — and that you can contact to start your surrogacy process today.

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Surrogacy Agencies in Kansas

When you first begin your surrogacy journey in Kansas, you will need to choose whether to complete an agency-assisted or an independent surrogacy. This choice will determine how the rest of your surrogacy process plays out.

So, why do intended parents and surrogates choose to work with surrogacy agencies?

A surrogacy agency in Kansas (or a national surrogacy agency that works throughout the U.S.) can provide a great many advantages in this at-times complicated process. Surrogacy specialists at these agencies will guide you through every step of your surrogacy, from answering your initial questions to helping you find a match to planning the hospital delivery. Those who work with surrogacy agencies know their case is being handled by professionals experienced in this family-building process and can focus on the emotional parts of their surrogacy journey, not the minute details and responsibilities.

Most of the surrogate agencies in Kansas are gestational carrier agencies — meaning all the surrogates they work with are not related to the babies they carry. These professionals can also be called “surrogacy groups,” “surrogacy centers” and “surrogacy companies.”

For more information on the surrogacy services that a local, Kansas surrogacy agency can provide, consider contacting these professionals:

International Surrogacy Agencies in Kansas

Instead of domestic surrogacy, international surrogacy may be the path for you. “International” surrogacy in Kansas can refer to non-U.S. citizens completing a surrogacy with an American surrogate, or American intended parents traveling abroad to find a surrogate in another country.

There are many complications with international surrogacy if you are an American intended parent. International laws have restricted the availability of surrogacy across the globe, and there is always the risk of unethical practices.

On the other hand, intended parents who choose to work with American surrogacy agencies do so because the process is much safer in the U.S. than in their home country. Many domestic surrogacy agencies in Kansas and across the U.S. also function as international surrogacy programs for these parents.

If you are a surrogate interested in carrying for international intended parents, consider these local programs that also serve as international surrogacy centers in Kansas and other states:

Surrogacy Attorneys in Kansas

Whether you choose to complete an agency-assisted or independent surrogacy, you will need to work with a surrogacy attorney in Kansas. Only these professionals will best understand the surrogacy laws in Kansas — or, how the lack of these laws will impact your surrogacy journey.


Paid surrogacy is legal in Kansas. If you're considering becoming a surrogate in the Sunflower State, you can earn up up to $110,000.

Before you start your surrogacy in Kansas, a surrogacy lawyer should explain the legalities of your surrogacy circumstances. They will also draft a legal surrogacy contract that protects both parties’ rights and interests, and take steps prior to the baby’s birth to establish the intended parents’ parental rights. You cannot complete a surrogacy in Kansas without an experienced surrogacy lawyer by your side.

Consider reaching out to one of these local Kansas surrogacy lawyers to start your legal journey:

Surrogacy Clinics in Kansas

In addition to a surrogacy attorney in Kansas, you will also need to find a surrogacy clinic in Kansas if you are the intended parent in the partnership. A surrogacy clinic is the medical professional who will screen a prospective surrogate, complete the in vitro fertilization process and transfer the intended parents’ embryos to the surrogate with whom they are working.

Many intended parents already have a Kansas surrogacy clinic (also known as a fertility clinic) in mind when they start their surrogacy process. Often, intended parents have struggled through infertility prior to choosing surrogacy, and they may have existing embryos stored at a certain fertility clinic. They can continue to work with that clinic during their surrogacy journey.

If you have not yet selected a surrogacy clinic in Kansas as an intended parent, there are a few you can choose from:

It will always be up to you which professional is best for your personal surrogacy goals. Before selecting a surrogacy agency, surrogacy attorney or surrogacy clinic in Kansas, you should do diligent research and interview the professionals you are interested in. This decision is an important one to make, and you are the only one who can decide which is right for you.

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