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Florida Surrogacy Requirements

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If you’ve ever felt the call to help others to become parents through surrogacy, then you’ve probably also wondered if you might meet the surrogate mother requirements. Florida as a state does not set most of these requirements, but rather, individual surrogacy professionals do.

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Although Florida surrogacy requirements can vary somewhat from one surrogacy professional to the next, the following guide will give you a general understanding of whether or not you meet the standard requirements for surrogates in Florida:

Is There an Age Limit to Being a Surrogate in FL?

The desire to help others in their journey to parenthood is not limited to women of a certain age, so many women who have asked about surrogacy requirements in Florida have also asked, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate mother in Florida?”

Not only are there age restrictions for surrogacy in Florida— these age requirements exist with every surrogacy professional in the U.S.  The physical demands of pregnancy are extreme, and those physical risks are most easily tolerated by bodies within a specific age range. The age requirements exist to minimize health risks to yourself, legal risks for the intended parents and, of course, risks for the baby.

The precise age range can vary somewhat among surrogacy professionals, but the standard age requirement for surrogates in Florida is about 21 to 40 years old.

What are the Health Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in FL?

Sometimes, specific health questions will arise for women who are considering becoming a surrogate. They’ve asked: “Can I purse surrogacy after tubal ligation?” “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in Florida?” ”Is surrogacy without previous pregnancy possible?” “Can I still be a surrogate if I’ve had pregnancy complications before?” “Is it ok to be a surrogate if I have an STD or STI?”

Again, the surrogate health requirements in FL and throughout the U.S. exist to protect not just yourself, but everyone involved in your surrogacy process (including the baby) — physically, legally and financially.

The health requirements that potential surrogates typically need to meet include:

  • Having given birth at least once before with no complications
  • Having delivered no more than five times vaginally, or delivered no more than three times via cesarean section
  • Being smoke- and drug- free, including exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Having a BMI range within about 19-33 (calculate your BMI here)

If you meet these health criteria to be a surrogate in Florida, you can proceed to the medical screening stage. This will usually involve some blood tests, urine tests, physicals and more. The purpose of this screening is to make sure that you’re healthy enough to receive the necessary fertility treatments, embryo transfers and other medical steps of surrogacy. Learn more about the other health requirements to be a surrogate mother in Florida and find out if you specific health condition will impact your ability to be a surrogate here.

What are the Mental and Emotional Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in FL?

When considering surrogacy in Florida, requirements you’ll need to meet will also include mental and emotional criteria. You may have worried, “Can anyone be a surrogate mother in Florida? How will I know if I’d make a good surrogate?”

The process of surrogacy can be mentally and emotionally taxing in addition to the physical tolls of pregnancy, so being prepared for the emotional processes of surrogacy is one of the ideal qualifications for being a surrogate in Florida. There will be a psychological screening process that you’ll need to complete, which usually includes a personality test, talking about how you might feel at various stages in your surrogacy process and the potential scenarios you might encounter in that process.

For many surrogacy professionals, a requirement for surrogacy in Florida includes having a strong and stable support system at home. If you have a spouse or partner who is supportive and encouraging of your surrogacy dream and you are raising at least one child of your own, then you may be a more ideal candidate as a surrogate.

Are There Other Requirements for Surrogacy in Florida?

There are often additional requirements for surrogates in Florida that some people forget to consider. Some questions from potential surrogates have included:  “Am I eligible to be a surrogate mother in Florida if I receive state welfare?” “Can a foreigner be a surrogate in Florida?” “Who can be a surrogate? Do I need a car?”

While, again, there are variations in the specific surrogate qualifications, Florida professionals will typically require that you:

  • Speak English fluently
  • Be a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Submit to background checks
  • Not currently be receiving any state financial assistance
  • Be able to commit to and travel to all surrogacy- and prenatal health-related appointments (which can take up to a year)
  • Have your spouse state their own commitment to the surrogacy process (if applicable)

If your family is as excited and committed to the surrogacy process as you are, if you can verify that you can support yourself without the aid of surrogacy compensation, if you have no serious criminal record and you’re able to attend all of the appointments necessary throughout the approximately year-long process, then you’re likely a good candidate to become a surrogate mother.


Surrogates at our partner agency can earn anywhere from $50,000-$110,000 depending on location and experience.

Do you meet these surrogate qualifications? Florida surrogates are exceptional women who dedicate their time, energy, bodies and love to the goal of helping someone else to become a parent. So, if you meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in FL and you also have a heart big enough to give that amazing gift to someone, contact a surrogacy professional now to find out how to start the process of becoming a surrogate mother in Florida!

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