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Key Points:
  • There are many surrogacy professionals that can help you complete the surrogacy process in Orlando.
  • Surrogacy agencies are often the better choice as they’re able to support you from start to finish.
  • The surrogacy professional you choose can make or break your overall experience.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it takes a village to have a child, too! Finding the right professionals to complete your surrogacy in Orlando, Florida, can seem overwhelming, but this guide can help.

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Use this resource guide to find everything you need to complete the process, whether you’re an intended parent or a surrogate in Orlando:

How to Become a Surrogate in Orlando

The process of becoming a surrogate is a fulfilling journey that lets you help create families while experiencing the joys of pregnancy. Here are five steps to apply to be a surrogate in Orlando:

Step 1: Connect with an Agency

Start by reaching out to a reputable surrogacy agency. They will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Step 2: Determine Your Eligibility

Learn if you meet the qualifications to be a surrogate. The agency will help you understand the requirements so that you can embark on your journey with confidence.

Step 3: Match with Intended Parents

With the agency’s support, you can find the right intended parents who align with your preferences and goals for the surrogacy journey.

Step 4: Complete Medical and Legal Requirements

Undergo the necessary medical procedures and work with the agency to draft a comprehensive surrogacy contract.

Step 5: Confirm Pregnancy and Receive Compensation

Once pregnancy is confirmed, you will start receiving surrogate pay and be on the right track towards helping complete a family.

Surrogate Requirements

Surrogacy is a major commitment, both emotionally and physically. In Orlando, surrogacy agencies and medical professionals have set specific surrogate qualifications to ensure the well-being of both you and the baby you’re carrying for intended parents. These criteria are designed to ensure a successful surrogacy experience and protect everyone involved.

While requirements may vary by agency, here are some common qualifications you must meet to become a surrogate Orlando:

  • Be at least 21 years old and younger than 40.
  • Maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) as assessed by your doctor.
  • Have successfully carried at least one pregnancy to term.
  • Currently raising a child of your own in your home.
  • Have no major complications in previous pregnancies.
  • Have been off anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication for at least 12 months.
  • Have no new tattoos or piercings within the last 12 months.

These surrogate requirements are in place to ensure that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the responsibilities of surrogacy. If you meet these criteria and are interested in becoming a surrogate, reach out to a professional today to begin your journey.

How to Find a Surrogate in Orlando

Choosing the right surrogate is a vital step in your surrogacy journey. The best surrogacy agencies typically help you find a surrogate within an average of 30-90 days because of their streamlined processes and extensive networks. If you’re looking to find the right match, then here are the steps to finding a surrogate in Orlando:

  • Step 1: Contact a leading surrogacy agency
  • Step 2: Develop your surrogacy plan
  • Step 3: Review surrogate profiles
  • Step 4: Match with a surrogate and draft a contract
  • Step 5: Prepare for your baby’s arrival

Working with a surrogacy agency can make your path to parenthood smoother. Agencies rigorously screen potential surrogates to ensure they meet all health and legal standards. They also use active marketing strategies to attract qualified surrogates and maintain balanced lists of surrogates and intended parents, ensuring faster and more efficient matches.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Orlando?

Surrogates typically receive an average compensation ranging from $50,000 to $110,000, reflecting the significant commitment and responsibility they take on. This surrogate pay is meant to support you throughout the surrogacy process, covering your time, effort and any additional expenses that may arise.

Base Pay

The base pay compensates you for the physical demands of pregnancy. For first-time surrogates, this usually ranges from $50,000 to $90,000. Experienced surrogates who have previously completed a surrogacy journey can earn between $60,000 and $110,000.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the base pay, surrogates receive reimbursements for various pregnancy-related expenses. This ensures that surrogates do not incur out-of-pocket costs during the surrogacy process. The surrogate compensation package covers a wide range of expenses, including:

  • Embryo Transfers: Costs associated with the medical procedures for embryo transfer.
  • Insurance Co-Pays: Out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Prenatal Vitamins: Essential supplements for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for any income lost due to surrogate-related medical appointments or bed rest.
  • Travel and Accommodation: Expenses for travel and lodging related to medical appointments or procedures.
  • Legal Fees: Costs for legal services to draft and review the surrogacy contract.
  • Maternity Clothing: Reimbursement for clothing needed during pregnancy.
  • Third-Trimester Care: Additional care and support needed during the final months of pregnancy.

For more detailed information and to start your surrogacy journey, connect with a professional today.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

The surrogacy costs in Orlando can range from $80,000 to $300,000 or more. Given this significant investment, it’s crucial to work with a surrogacy agency that offers a fixed and transparent fee structure. This transparency ensures you understand exactly how your funds are being utilized, providing peace of mind as you embark on your journey to parenthood.

The cost of surrogacy typically includes:

  • Match Fee: A fee for the process of matching intended parents with a suitable surrogate.
  • Surrogate Compensation: Payments made to the surrogate for her service.
  • Legal Fees: Costs for drafting and reviewing the surrogacy contract and other necessary legal services for both intended parents and surrogates.
  • Travel and Lodging Expenses: Costs for travel and accommodation related to medical appointments and procedures.
  • Insurance Premiums (if needed): Payments for insurance coverage to ensure the surrogate and the pregnancy are protected.
  • Prenatal Expenses: Costs for prenatal care, including vitamins, medical appointments, and other related expenses.

By choosing an agency with a clear fee structure, you can confidently navigate the financial aspects of your surrogacy journey. This ensures all expenses are accounted for and understood, allowing you to focus on the exciting path to parenthood.

Surrogacy Agencies in Orlando, Florida

Working with an Orlando surrogacy agency means that you usually only have to contact one professional rather than seeking out many individual professionals. Orlando surrogacy agencies provide screening, matching, counseling and case management services, as well as referrals to any other services you might need throughout the process from beginning to end.


The best surrogacy agencies in Orlando can help you find a qualified surrogate partner within an average of 30-90 days.

When you pursue surrogacy in Orlando independently, on the other hand, you have to handle everything yourself. This is why most people who have no prior experience with surrogacy often prefer working with national agencies or a surrogacy agency in Orlando.

Contact any of the following to find out if you meet the surrogacy Orlando requirements:

Surrogacy Clinics in Orlando, Florida

For both the intended parents and the surrogate, Orlando, FL fertility clinics, sometimes called surrogacy clinics, are needed to complete the medical stages of the surrogacy process, like IVF and embryo transfers.

If intended parents were previously undergoing fertility treatments with a particular clinic, they may wish to continue working with that clinic for their surrogacy process. Surrogates will typically work with the intended parents’ clinic of choice, so they may need to travel to the clinic for a couple of the key procedures. However, all travel-related expenses are compensated for the surrogate by the intended parents for any such appointments.

When a healthy pregnancy is confirmed, surrogates typically choose to see their regular OBGYN for prenatal health checkups as the pregnancy progresses.

If the intended parents don’t have a preexisting relationship with a local Orlando surrogacy clinic, their surrogacy agency can typically put them in contact with a nearby reputable professional, or they could choose to contact any of these local clinics to complete the medical steps of their surrogacy process:

Orlando Surrogacy Lawyers

Throughout the legal processes of surrogacy, Orlando, FL attorneys who specialize in surrogacy are needed to individually represent intended parents and the surrogate mother. Orlando, Florida agencies can typically connect you with the legal representation that you’ll need, but you could also contact any of these Orlando surrogacy attorneys to help:

Your surrogacy attorney drafts your surrogacy contract and helps establish legal parental rights, surrogate compensation and more. Each party should always maintain separate legal counsel to ensure that everyone’s rights are equally advocated for.

Maternity Hospitals in Orlando

For surrogate mothers, Orlando birth plans are an important part of preparing for the surrogacy process. Surrogates and intended parents will discuss where and how the surrogate would like to deliver, and the intended parents typically travel to be with their surrogate once she goes into labor. That way, they can be together to welcome the baby.

Some local options for your Orlando surrogacy birth plan include:

Starting Your Orlando Surrogacy Journey

It’s important that you find a surrogacy professional that you feel comfortable with and that meets your individual set of needs and goals. There’s no single surrogacy professional that will be the right fit for everyone, so asking the right questions can help you to determine the best Orlando surrogacy professional for you. Start by asking about:

  • Their requirements for surrogates and intended parents
  • Their screening processes for intended parents and surrogates
  • The full range of services offered to surrogates and intended parents
  • Whether or not they match intended parents and surrogates, and if so, how
  • The estimated costs that intended parents can expect to pay

Orlando, FL surrogacy is an amazing way for people to come together over a common goal: to create families! To learn how to become parents via surrogacy or how to become a surrogate in Orlando, contact a surrogacy professional for more information about pursuing surrogacy in Orlando, FL.

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