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Key Points:
  • There are many surrogacy professionals in New Haven that can help you begin your journey.
  • Surrogacy agencies are more common as they handle all the services required to complete the process from start to finish.
  • The surrogacy professional you choose can have an effect on your overall surrogacy experience.

By working with the right New Haven surrogacy professionals, people in Connecticut can achieve their dreams of becoming parents or surrogates. The process of surrogacy in New Haven, Connecticut, isn’t something that can be taken on alone — you’ll need help, but where do you go about finding that help? Start here.

We’ve compiled all the best fertility clinics, attorneys, New Haven surrogacy agencies and programs and other local resources so that you can achieve your surrogacy goals faster.

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How to Become a Surrogate in New Haven

Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful and fulfilling journey, giving you the chance to help build a family. When you apply to be a surrogate in New Haven, you’re helping a couple fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

By taking the steps towards surrogacy, you have the opportunity to not only change your life but the lives of others.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Reach Out to an Agency
  2. Find Out if You Qualify to Be a Surrogate
  3. Find the Right Intended Parents with the Help of Your Agency
  4. Complete the Medical Process and Draft a Surrogacy Contract
  5. Confirm a Pregnancy and Start Receiving Surrogate Payments

Surrogate Requirements in New Haven

Surrogate requirements are essential guidelines established to ensure the safety and well-being of both the surrogate and the baby throughout the surrogacy process.

These criteria help ensure that you’re physically and emotionally prepared for the journey, reducing the risk of complications and promoting a healthy pregnancy.

By following these surrogate qualifications, surrogacy agencies can provide the highest level of care and support, ensuring a safe, streamlined journey for everyone involved.

To become a surrogate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old but younger than 40.
  • Have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) as determined by your doctor.
  • Have successfully carried at least one pregnancy to term.
  • Be currently raising a child of your own in your home.
  • Have no major complications in previous pregnancies.
  • Be off anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication for at least 12 months.
  • Have no new tattoos or piercings within the last 12 months.

If you don’t meet these requirements, check out this article to learn more about how you can qualify to become a surrogate. For those that qualify, connect with a professional today to begin your journey.

How to Find a Surrogate in New Haven

Finding the right surrogate is a crucial step in your surrogacy journey. The best agencies in New Haven can help you match with a surrogate in an average of 30-90 days, thanks to their thorough screening processes and balanced lists.

Here’s how you can find a surrogate:

1. Reach Out to a Surrogacy Agency

The first step is to contact a reputable surrogacy agency. They will guide you through the entire process, providing support and expertise.

2. Build Your Surrogacy Plan and Complete an Intended Parent Profile

Work with your agency to create a detailed surrogacy plan and complete an intended parent profile. This helps the agency understand your preferences and needs.

3. View Prospective Surrogate Profiles

Your agency will present you with profiles of screened and qualified surrogates. You can review these profiles to find a surrogate who matches your criteria.

4. Get to Know Each Other and Draft a Surrogacy Contract

Once you find a suitable surrogate, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other. Afterward, a surrogacy contract will be drafted to outline the terms and responsibilities of both parties.

5. Prepare to Welcome Your Baby Home

With the legal and medical processes underway, you can start preparing to welcome your baby home.

Using a surrogacy agency is the best option for finding a surrogate because their comprehensive screening, marketing efforts, and balanced lists help you find a match in the shortest amount of time.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in New Haven?

In New Haven, surrogates typically receive compensation ranging from $50,000 to $110,000. This compensation recognizes the incredible gift surrogates provide by helping to create families and covers various aspects of the surrogacy journey.

This financial support helps cover the cost of medical expenses, living expenses, and any additional needs that may arise during the pregnancy.

Surrogate compensation is generally divided into two main components: base pay and reimbursed expenses.

  • Base Pay: This is the primary payment a surrogate receives for her commitment. For first-time surrogates, the base pay usually starts at $50,000-$90,000, while experienced surrogates can receive $60,000-$110,000 due to their proven track record and familiarity with the process.
  • Reimbursed Expenses: These are additional payments that cover costs directly related to the surrogacy. They ensure that surrogates are not out of pocket for expenses incurred during the pregnancy.

A surrogate compensation package typically includes:

  • Monthly Allowance: A set amount provided each month to cover everyday expenses.
  • Maternity Clothing: Funds specifically for purchasing maternity clothes.
  • Medical Expenses: Reimbursement for medical costs related to the pregnancy, such as doctor’s visits, medications, and hospital stays.
  • Travel Expenses: Coverage for any travel required for medical appointments or related surrogacy meetings.
  • Legal Fees: Payment for legal services to draft and review the surrogacy contract.
  • Insurance: Coverage to provide financial security for the surrogate’s family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

By understanding the comprehensive support included in a surrogate compensation package, you can feel confident as you embark on this life-changing journey. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate, reach out to us now to learn more about the financial benefits and support available.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in New Haven?

In New Haven, the cost of surrogacy can vary, typically ranging from $80,000 to $300,000 or more. Surrogacy is a significant investment in starting or expanding a family, and partnering with an agency that offers a clear and upfront fee structure can provide reassurance throughout the process.

This transparent approach ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of what services are covered by the cost, offering peace of mind as you pursue parenthood.

By opting for a transparent fee structure, you can confidently embark on your journey knowing that your financial commitment is directed towards essential services that streamline the path to parenthood.

Surrogacy costs include:

  • Match Fee: Covers the process of matching intended parents with a suitable surrogate.
  • Surrogate Compensation: Payments are provided to the surrogate for her services and commitment.
  • Intended Parent and Surrogate Legal Fees: Expenses associated with drafting and reviewing the surrogacy contract and other legal requirements.
  • Travel Expenses and Lodging: Costs related to travel and accommodations for medical appointments and procedures.
  • Insurance Premiums (if needed): Payments for insurance coverage to safeguard the surrogate and the pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Expenses: Includes costs for prenatal care, such as vitamins, medical consultations, and related medical expenses.

Surrogacy Agencies in New Haven, CT

A surrogacy program or matching program, also called a New Haven surrogacy agency, is a professional who handles all of the services required to complete the entire surrogacy process for intended parents and surrogates. This usually includes searching, screening, matching, counseling, case management, referrals and more.


The best surrogacy agencies in New Haven will find you a qualified surrogate partner within an average of 30-90 days.

Working with a surrogacy agency in New Haven, CT, is the preferred option for many intended parents and surrogates, especially those who have no prior experience with surrogacy. The agency acts as the primary point of contact, managing everything for those involved so you don’t have to.

Some of the best surrogacy agencies who are able to work with New Haven-area residents include:

Surrogacy Clinics in New Haven

Your local fertility clinic, which is also sometimes referred to as a New Haven surrogacy clinic, is where the medical steps of surrogacy take place. Some intended parents were receiving fertility treatments prior to pursuing surrogacy in New Haven, so they may already have a certain clinic in mind that they’d like to work with for these surrogacy procedures. Surrogates will typically join the intended parents’ fertility clinic for some of the key appointments, like embryo transfers, so if a surrogate lives out of town, she may need to travel, with any related expenses covered for her by the intended parents.

If you don’t have a standing relationship with a New Haven surrogacy clinic, your surrogacy professional can refer you to a reputable professional in the area, like one of these providers:

New Haven Surrogacy Lawyers

Throughout the legal steps of the New Haven, Connecticut, surrogacy process, the intended parents and the surrogate will need to maintain individual legal representation through New Haven surrogacy attorneys. This is done to ensure that everyone’s interests are fairly advocated for during the creation of the surrogacy contract.

Surrogacy contracts outline important topics between New Haven surrogates and intended parents, and must be completed before any medical actions can be taken. Your surrogacy contract will cover legal parental rights of intended parents, compensation for surrogates, the risks that everyone agrees to and more.

A New Haven surrogacy attorney is also there to make sure your surrogacy process adheres to any relevant Connecticut surrogacy laws and all ethical and legal standards. If you need help connecting with a good attorney, a New Haven, Connecticut, surrogacy agency can refer you to one, like these local lawyers:

  • Rubin & Eldrich, P.C.
  • Welty Esposito & Wieler, LLC
  • Gerald H. Kahn, LLC

Maternity Hospitals in New Haven

A birth plan is usually determined by the surrogate when the surrogacy contract is created. This plan confirms where and how the surrogate prefers to deliver the baby, when the intended parents will travel to join her for the delivery, and more.

There are a few different options in and around New Haven where a surrogate could choose to deliver the intended parents’ baby, including:

Choosing Your New Haven Surrogacy Professionals

One of the best measures you can take to ensure that your surrogacy process will be a safe and smooth one is to select the right professional for surrogacy in New Haven, Connecticut. Under the guidance of the right professional, intended parents and surrogates feel well-informed, secure, confident and supported throughout the often-complex processes of New Haven surrogacy.

A good strategy for deciding whether or not a potential surrogacy professional is going to be the right fit for you and your needs is to ask thorough questions, including finding out about:

  • The requirements for potential intended parents and surrogates in New Haven, CT
  • The screening process for surrogates and intended parents who want to work with that professional
  • Whether or not they offer matching services to intended parents and surrogates, and if so, how they are matched together
  • Any other services offered for surrogates and intended parents
  • The average cost for intended parents with this professional

Feeling comfortable with your surrogacy professional will allow you to enjoy the surrogacy experience as a family grows.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a parent through surrogacy in New Haven, Connecticut, or about how to become a surrogate mother in New Haven, contact a surrogacy professional now. We can help you begin your surrogacy journey today.

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