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Key Points:
  • There are plenty of surrogacy professionals in Fort Collins that can help you complete the process.
  • Surrogacy agencies are a common professional as they provide full-service support from start to finish.
  • The surrogacy professional you choose can make or break your surrogacy experience.

Thinking about becoming a parent or a surrogate in Fort Collins? Then you’ll need an experienced team of professionals on your side to help you navigate the complexities of the Colorado surrogacy process.

Working with the right professionals for surrogacy in Fort Collins, Colorado, will help you protect yourself, your surrogacy partner and the baby at the heart of your journey together.

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We’ve made it easier than ever to find all the best Fort Collins surrogacy professionals in this guide, so you can get the local surrogacy resources you need to begin. If you’re ready to jump right in, browse through these Fort Collins surrogacy agencies, programs, attorneys, clinics and more:

How to Become a Surrogate in Fort Collins

1.      Determine If Surrogacy Is Right for You

By becoming a surrogate in Fort Collins, you can experience:

  • The pride of helping someone else’s dreams come true
  • A sense of purpose
  • The joys of pregnancy
  • Earning compensation for your family
  • The opportunity to form lasting bonds

Only you can know if surrogacy is right for your situation. You will always have the final say when it comes to a match moving forward or not.

The process of becoming a surrogate changes the lives of everyone involved, from the families you help create to the meaningful compensation you earn for your invaluable services.

2.      See If You Qualify

To apply to be a surrogate, you must meet the surrogate requirements first.                      

Surrogacy is a journey, physically, mentally and emotionally. These requirements exist for the safety of you as well as the baby you will be carrying.

Even if you don’t meet all the requirements when you apply to be a surrogate, talk to your surrogacy professional. Depending on what requirements you can’t meet, they can work with you or connect you with the necessary resources to help you meet the standards.

3.      Find Intended Parents

One of the biggest parts of becoming a surrogate in Fort Collins is choosing the intended parents you will carry for.

With the help of reputable surrogacy professionals, you can find the perfect intended parents with the help of their services like marketing and creating a surrogate profile.

This profile lets intended parents know about you, your surrogacy journey and why you want to become a surrogate. You can choose an individual or couple and they have the opportunity to choose you too.

4.      Become Pregnant

A vital step in how to become a surrogate is becoming pregnant. This step can only begin once you find intended parents and sign the legal contract. This legal contract outlines what your journey looks like, from the compensation you receive to the hospital process.

In-vitro fertilization is the medical process through which you will become pregnant. An embryo created from the intended mother’s egg is fertilized with the sperm from the intended father or from a donor which will be transferred to your uterus.

5.      Pregnancy and Delivery

The last step in becoming a surrogate brings the joys of parenthood to life for the intended parents. You will always be a part of that family’s story of how their family came to be.

Once your pregnancy is delivered, your surrogate payments will begin.

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Surrogate Requirements in Fort Collins

Surrogate qualifications aren’t there to make the process harder for you. Surrogate mother requirements exist to protect you, your pregnancy and the baby and family you are helping create. 

While meeting the requirements to be a surrogate in Fort Collins can seem lengthy and unnecessary, it’s the furthest thing from the truth. Meeting these surrogate requirements helps ensure a safe, successful surrogacy.

What Are the Requirements To Be A Surrogate?

  • Age range 21-40
  • At least one successful pregnancy
  • Currently raising a child
  • No major complications from previous pregnancies
  • No felony convictions

How to Find a Surrogate in Fort Collins

When it comes to finding a surrogate, you can go about it as an individual or with the services of a professional. If you want to find a surrogate near you:

  • Use a matching professional like a surrogacy agency
  • Talk to your fertility clinic or surrogacy attorney
  • Look online or through surrogacy classifieds
  • Network with family and friends

If you don’t know how to find a surrogate mother in Fort Collins, that’s OK. Reputable surrogacy agencies can walk you through the steps to finding a surrogate in and can do so quickly, usually in an average of 1 - 6 months.

They can find you a surrogate in the shortest amount of time because of their:

  • Screening
  • Marketing
  • Balanced lists

When it comes to finding a surrogate, your choice of professional can directly impact your timeline to starting life with your new family and waiting longer to find a surrogate and experience parenthood. 

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How Much Do Surrogates Make in Fort Collins?

Surrogate pay is typically $50,000-$110,000. The surrogate compensation you earn is for your part in the intended parent’s surrogacy journey and allowing them to experience parenthood. 

Your surrogate compensation is comprised of base pay and any additional expenses. Here’s a surrogate compensation breakdown in Fort Collins:

Base Pay

Your surrogate pay is your base pay. Think of your surrogate pay as your salary, the compensation you have earned for carrying a baby for the past nine plus months.

Additional Expenses

As a surrogate, you will never be responsible for any surrogacy expenses. Your surrogate compensation package covers all of the costs that come with it as well as any additional expenses that arise. If there are any additional expenses, you will be paid in advance or reimbursed.

 Additional expenses can include: 

  • Embryo transfers
  • Insurance co-pays
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Lost wages
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Legal fees
  • Maternity clothing
  • Third-trimester care

Depending on your experience with surrogacy, you can earn a bigger surrogate compensation package. Higher surrogate pay for experienced surrogates exists because of their familiarity and success with the process.

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Fort Collins?

Surrogacy usually costs anywhere from $80,000-$300,000+. The cost of surrogacy is so wide ranging because it depends on your choices. Those choices directly impact things like cost and your experience.

A reputable surrogacy agency can not only give you their cost of surrogacy in Fort Collins, but they can give you a surrogacy cost breakdown to help you know what your costs are going toward to make becoming a parent possible.

Here’s an example of a surrogacy cost breakdown and how it can impact your journey:


  • Agency and case management
  • Gestational carrier
  • Medical
  • Legal

Variable Costs

  • IVF fees
  • Newborn expenses
  • Intended parent travel
  • Varied surrogate experience and location

Cost is a common concern for those pursuing surrogacy and knowing what the fee structure looks like for the professional you choose can help you budget for surrogacy costs.

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Surrogacy Agencies nearest Fort Collins

It’s ok if you aren’t an expert on surrogacy — most intended parents and surrogates in Fort Collins choose to work through an experienced surrogacy agency.

A Fort Collins surrogacy agency serves as a single point of contact, offering all of the services needed to complete the process in full. They’re a kind of “one-stop shop” for parents and surrogates who don’t feel comfortable handling the process by themselves.

Some of the best surrogacy agencies closest to Fort Collins who can help you are:


Surrogacy agencies in Fort Collins are able to help you find a highly qualified surrogacy partner within an average of 1 - 6 months.

Surrogacy Clinics in Fort Collins, Colorado

A fertility clinic, also sometimes called a Fort Collins, CO, surrogacy clinic, is where intended parents and surrogates complete the medical steps of surrogacy, including IVF and embryo transfers. Surrogates will typically need to coordinate with the intended parents’ clinic for key appointments.

If you need help, you can defer to your Fort Collins surrogacy agency for a recommendation to a local clinic, like one of these nearby providers:

Fort Collins Surrogacy Lawyers

Intended parents and surrogates will need to work with individual attorneys throughout the legal steps of surrogacy in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Your surrogacy attorney will work to establish the legal parental rights for the intended parents, create your surrogacy contract and make sure that the process adheres to all relevant laws so that everyone is protected.

Your contract will also cover important points about things like surrogate compensation, what would happen in the event of pregnancy complications and more.

You can reach out to your primary professional if you need a referral to a good local attorney, like one of these lawyers for surrogacy in Fort Collins, C.O.:

Maternity Hospitals in Fort Collins

When creating the surrogacy contract, Fort Collins surrogates and intended parents will also typically establish a birth plan. In this plan, surrogates can share where and how they want to deliver the baby, and intended parents can make plans to be with their surrogate for her labor.

The birth of any child is a life-changing experience, but a surrogacy birth is additionally special, and it has the unique ability to bring people together.

One decision you’ll need to make in your birth plan is choosing where the baby will be born. Surrogates in Fort Collins might find some of these nearby options helpful:

Starting Your Fort Collins Surrogacy Process

One of the first choices you’ll need to make in your Fort Collins surrogacy journey is also one of the most important: Which professional do you want to help guide you through the process?

Choosing a primary professional is the best way to ensure a low-stress experience. A good professional will be able to meet your unique needs; you should feel comfortable with them, trust them to provide you with honest information and be able to count on them for support.

When you’re looking at a potential professional, take your time and ask plenty of questions. Be sure to include questions like:

  • “What requirements do hopeful surrogates and intended parents need to meet in order to work with you?”
  • “How do you screen surrogates and intended parents?”
  • “Do you match intended parents and surrogates together? What is that matching process like?”
  • “Do you offer any other services?”
  • “On average, how much do intended parents pay for your services?”

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a parent or how to become a surrogate mother in Fort Collins, CO, contact a surrogacy professional now for more information. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have and help you begin the process of surrogacy in Fort Collins, Colorado, whenever you’re ready.

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