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California Surrogacy Requirements

For women who’ve felt called to help others to become parents, you may have thought about becoming a surrogate in California. But do you meet the surrogate mother requirements? California as a state is not responsible for establishing most requirements for surrogates. Instead, individual surrogacy professionals have requirements that potential surrogates will need to meet.

The California surrogacy requirements that professionals have can vary somewhat, but the guide below offers an overview of the standard requirements for surrogates in California, so you can find out whether or not you meet the requirements for surrogacy in CA:

“Is There an Age Limit to Being a Surrogate in CA?”

Women of all ages have expressed interest in helping people to become parents through surrogacy, so one of the most common questions about surrogacy requirements in California is, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate mother in California?”

The age restrictions for surrogacy in California and throughout the United States exist with all surrogacy professionals. That’s because there are always physical tolls that pregnancy takes on the human body, and there’s always an element of risk associated with pregnancy. The age requirements set for surrogates are designed to minimize those potential health risks, as women within a specific age range tend to best handle the physical demands of pregnancy. This also minimizes the potential for health risks for the baby and legal risks for everyone involved.

While the exact age range can vary between surrogacy professionals, the standard age requirement for surrogates in California tends to be about 21 to 40 years old.

“What are the Health Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in CA?”

When some women are considering becoming a surrogate, they worry that a specific health condition will prevent them from meeting the surrogate health requirements in CA. They’ve asked questions like, “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in California?” “Can I be a surrogate if I’ve had a complication with a pregnancy?” “Can I pursue surrogacy after tubal ligation?” “Is surrogacy without previous pregnancy an option?” “Can I be a surrogate if I have an STI or STD?”

The surrogate health requirements in CA and across the U.S. are important for your protection, but also for the protection of everyone involved in your surrogacy journey, including the baby. Surrogate health requirements help protect everyone physically, legally and financially.

Some of the health requirements that you’ll likely need to meet as a surrogate include:

  • Having given birth at least once with no complications
  • No more than five previous vaginal births or three cesarean births
  • Drug- and smoke-free, including exposure to second-hand smoke
  • A BMI range between about 19-33 (calculate your BMI here)

If you’ve met those health criteria to be a surrogate in California, then you’ll move on to the medical screening process, where you’ll typically undergo urine testing, blood testing, a physical and more. The medical screening is done to ensure that you’re physically healthy enough for the medical steps of surrogacy, like the fertility treatments and embryo transfers. You can learn more about the other health requirements to be a surrogate mother in California, and whether or not your specific health condition may disqualify you from becoming a surrogate, here.

“What are the Mental and Emotional Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in California?”

You’ll also need to meet some mental and emotional criteria for surrogacy in California. Requirements that some women may not have considered have led some people to ask, “How will I know if I would be a good candidate for surrogacy? Can anyone be a surrogate mother in California?”

Surrogacy can be a mentally and emotionally taxing experience. Understanding the emotional processes of surrogacy is one of the ideal qualifications for being a surrogate in California. Typically, potential surrogates will complete a psychological screening process that may include personality tests, discussing your feelings about the surrogacy process and possible situations that can occur in your surrogacy journey and how you’d deal with those circumstances.

An important requirement for surrogacy in California for many surrogacy professional is that the surrogate has a strong and consistent support team at home. Ideal candidates for surrogacy have a spouse or partner who supports their desire to become a surrogate and at least one child that they are currently raising.

“What are the Other Requirements for Surrogacy in California?”

There are other requirements for surrogates in California that may affect your ability to pursue this path. Some questions that women have asked include: “If I receive state welfare, am I eligible to be a surrogate mother in California?” “Who can be a surrogate? Will I need a car?” “How do I find California surrogate jobs?”

Again, the specific surrogate qualifications that California professionals require can vary, but almost always include:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be a permanent U.S. resident
  • Complete a background check
  • Receive no financial assistance from the government
  • Be able to commit to and travel to all surrogacy- and pregnancy health-related appointments for up to a year
  • Have the commitment of your spouse in your surrogacy process for legal purposes (if you’re married)

For legal and practical reasons, it’s important that you’re able to confirm that you can attend all necessary appointments throughout the roughly year-long surrogacy process, that you have no serious criminal record, that your family is just as excited and committed to your surrogacy journey as you are and that you’re able to support yourself without the surrogacy compensation. Does this describe you? Then you may make a great surrogate mother!

If you meet these surrogate qualifications, California families can benefit from your giving heart. Surrogates are amazing women who devote their hearts, bodies, time and energy to helping others to become parents. Becoming a surrogate in CA is an incredible way to give something priceless to someone who’s been waiting for a child! So, if you meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in CA and you’re ready to begin your journey, contact a surrogacy professional now to learn how to become a surrogate mother in California.

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