Arkansas Surrogacy Requirements

There are a series of surrogacy requirements in Arkansas that you need to meet in order to be a surrogate. Do you meet the Arkansas surrogacy requirements? Find out, and learn more here.

If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate in Arkansas, you’re prepared to offer an amazing gift for someone else. But, in order to do that, you have to meet an important series of surrogate mother requirements. Arkansas and your surrogacy professional will have established surrogacy requirements that all prospective surrogates in the state must meet.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common questions about the requirements for surrogates in Arkansas. Find out if you meet the requirements for surrogacy in AR here:

“Is There an Age Limit to Being a Surrogate in AR?”

Yes. One of the most common questions about the surrogacy requirements in Arkansas is, “How old do you have to be to be a surrogate mother in Arkansas?”

There are age restrictions for surrogacy in Arkansas and in every state, and with all surrogacy professionals. Pregnancy and surrogacy always involves some degree of physical risk. But women who are about 21 to 40 years old tend to be able to handle the physical demands of pregnancy with the least amount of risk to themselves and the baby, so the approximate age requirements for surrogates in Arkansas is within this range with most professionals.

“What are the Health Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in AR?”

Some women are concerned that their specific health issue could keep them from meeting the surrogate health requirements in AR. They’ll ask questions like, “If I’ve had pregnancy complications, can I still be a surrogate?” “Is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate in Arkansas?” “Is surrogacy after tubal ligation safe?” “Is there such a thing as surrogacy without previous pregnancy in AR?”

Every surrogacy professional has surrogate health requirements, and while those criteria may vary slightly, they’re always there for your safety, the baby’s safety and the intended parents’ legal protection. The health requirements to be a surrogate mother in Arkansas that most professionals will ask you to meet will include:

If you’re able to meet those initial health criteria to be a surrogate in AR, you’ll next move on to the medical screening process. This involves a series of tests and physicals that verify whether or not you’re healthy enough for the medical processes required in surrogacy, like IVF, embryo transfers and more. Because surrogacy is such a physically intensive process, it’s important that you meet the health criteria for surrogacy in Arkansas first, and that a doctor confirms that you’re healthy.

“What are the Psychological Requirements to Be a Surrogate Mother in Arkansas?”

Just like the physical requirements, there are mental and emotional qualifications for being a surrogate in Arkansas. Some women aren’t sure if they’re emotionally ready for surrogacy, so they’ll ask questions like: “Can anyone be a surrogate mother in Arkansas? How will I know if I’m ready for the surrogacy process, or if I’ll make a good surrogate?”

Pregnancy is a mentally and emotionally exhausting experience for many women, in addition to the physical toll it takes. Surrogacy is also often an emotional journey, and can add to the normal stressors of pregnancy. So an important requirement for surrogacy in Arkansas is being prepared for the emotional process ahead. Surrogacy professionals will often psychologically screen potential surrogates through a series of discussions about the emotions you may experience throughout the course of your surrogacy journey, how you might face potential situations and more.

Professionals also look for women who have a strong emotional support system. Surrogates will ideally have a spouse or partner who is encouraging and supportive of them throughout their surrogacy journey, and at least one child they’re raising at home.

“Are There Any Other Requirements for Surrogacy in Arkansas?”

Yes. Some of the other requirements for surrogates in Arkansas can affect whether or not surrogacy is an option for you. Some questions that women have asked about additional surrogacy requirements have included: “If I receive food stamps or government assistance, am I eligible to be a surrogate mother in Arkansas?” “Who can be a surrogate in Arkansas? Will I need a car to get to appointments?”

These additional surrogate qualifications can vary somewhat from one professional to the next, but most will ask that you:

Do you think you might meet the qualifications for being a surrogate in Arkansas? Contact a surrogacy professional now for more information, or to ask questions about the Arkansas surrogacy requirements.

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