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A successful Birmingham surrogacy journey hinges on partnering with the right professionals. Just like you need to find the right surrogacy partner, whether that’s an intended parent or a surrogate, it’s equally important that you find the right professional for surrogacy in Birmingham, Alabama.

We’ve collected the best lawyers, clinics, Birmingham surrogacy agencies, programs and other local surrogacy resources so you can find everything you need to complete your surrogacy process safely and successfully.

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Need to learn more about the Alabama surrogacy process? Use the guide below to find the best resources for your Birmingham surrogacy:

Surrogacy Agencies in Birmingham

A Birmingham surrogacy agency, also sometimes called a surrogacy program or matching program, is a professional that can provide all the services parents and surrogates need from beginning to end of the process. This usually includes searching, screening, matching, case management, counseling, referrals and more. Birmingham surrogate agencies serve as your single point of contact, which often makes things simpler for many people.

To learn more about the best surrogacy agencies serving Birmingham, Alabama, contact these professionals:

Surrogacy Clinics in Birmingham, Alabama

For the medical steps of the surrogacy process, you’ll need to coordinate with a fertility clinic, also sometimes referred to as a Birmingham surrogacy clinic. Surrogates will need to partner with the intended parents’ chosen clinic for a couple appointments like embryo transfers, so if the surrogate lives outside of Birmingham (or wherever the clinic is located), some travel may be involved, with any related expenses covered for her by the intended parents.

Also, in Alabama, frozen embryos are children according to the state’s Supreme Court. So, as an Alabama resident, finding an IVF-provider might be harder now. That’s because these surrogacy clinics may be concerned about the prospect of legal action, so they might be hesitant to offer this service.

As you search for Birmingham surrogacy clinics, ask them how they’ll account for the Alabama Supreme Court mandate and how it could impact your surrogacy process with them.

If you are an intended parent who doesn’t already have an established relationship with a clinic, you can ask your surrogacy professional for a referral to an experienced clinic for surrogacy in Birmingham, AL, near you, like one of these providers:

Birmingham Surrogacy Lawyers

In order to complete the legal process of surrogacy in Birmingham, Alabama, surrogates and intended parents will each need individual legal representation. Birmingham surrogacy attorneys will help you to create a surrogacy contract and navigate the relevant AL surrogacy laws and court processes.

Your contract covers important points like the legal parental rights of the intended parents, compensation for the surrogate, the risks and roles that everyone accepts and more. This must be finalized before the medical stage can begin.

If you need help getting in touch with a good Birmingham, Alabama, surrogacy attorney, your agency can refer you to one, or you can reach out to one of these local legal representatives to learn more:

Maternity Hospitals in Birmingham

When creating the Birmingham surrogacy contract, the surrogate will often discuss her preferred birth plan, including where and how she wants to deliver the baby. Intended parents can discuss how they plan on traveling to her once she goes into labor.

While you’re creating that surrogacy birth plan, these local maternity hospitals near Birmingham may be helpful:


Working with a surrogacy agency means you have access to their network of surrogacy professionals, making the process smoother for you.

Starting Your Birmingham Surrogacy Process

Choosing the right professional to guide you through the process of surrogacy in Birmingham, Alabama, is no small choice. After all, this professional is responsible for guiding you through the often-complex surrogacy processes and laws, keeping you well-informed about all your options, remaining honest and transparent and supporting you.

The best way to assess a potential Birmingham surrogacy professional is to ask plenty of questions. Always be sure to inquire about:

  • The requirements that intended parents and surrogates need to meet
  • The screening processes that surrogates and intended parents have to go through
  • If they provide matching services for intended parents and surrogate, and if so, what that process is like
  • Any other services they offer to surrogates and intended parents in Alabama
  • The average cost for intended parents working with this professional

When you’re confident in your surrogacy professional and feel that you can trust them, you can relax and enjoy the Birmingham surrogacy experience and the amazing way it can create families.

Learn more about how to become a parent through surrogacy in Birmingham, Alabama, and about how to become a surrogate mother in Birmingham by contacting a surrogacy professional now. They’ll give you all the information you need to start your Birmingham surrogacy journey.

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