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Surrogacy Agency Reviews [What You Should Know]

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For prospective surrogates and intended parents alike, one of the most important steps of your surrogacy process is choosing a surrogacy professional to work with. This decision will have a significant impact on your surrogacy journey. Such a big choice can feel stressful, so that’s why we’re here to help.

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Reading reviews should give you a solid idea of whether a professional is a great fit, but there are some aspects to be mindful of as you browse these reviews. Below, we’ll go over everything that you need to know about surrogacy agency reviews.

What You Should Know About Surrogate Agency Ratings

When it comes to surrogacy agencies’ ratings and reviews, you will discover right off the bat that some people are satisfied while others are not. As is the case for any service provider, some clients may choose to write reviews of surrogacy agencies. Some of these will be positive, and some of these will be negative.

But, one of the key differences here is that surrogacy is a deeply personal journey. There is no such thing as an objective review because it depends on someone’s opinion, and no two surrogacies are the same. Because of the emotional nature of surrogacy, intended parents’ and surrogates’ company reviews will range from excellent to terrible.

These surrogacy agency rankings and reviews can be a useful resource as you browse surrogacy professionals to work with. But, there are some things that you should be aware of as you read these reviews:

Negative Reviews of Surrogacy Agencies Are More Common Than Positive Ones

No matter what review of a business you find online, you’re bound to find far more negative reviews than positive ones. People often flock to the internet to vent about their bad experiences with a company, and it can be satisfying for some people to write a scathing review when they are dissatisfied.  When someone is pleased with their experience, they simply move on with their lives.

Keep in mind that, for every negative review of a surrogacy professional that someone writes, there are many more people who are happy with their experience.

Surrogacy Is an Emotional Journey

Whether you are a prospective surrogate or an intended parent, surrogacy is a personal and emotional process. There are both rewards and obstacles throughout the journey, and it is far from simple. Many intended parents have struggled with infertility, and surrogacy is their only path toward parenthood. Likewise, many prospective surrogates have dealt with financial difficulties.

Although your surrogacy professional will do everything in their power to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, emotional challenges are inevitable when it comes to surrogacy. Be mindful of this as you read surrogacy agency reviews.

Every Surrogacy Professional Is Different

As we mentioned earlier, no two surrogacies are the same. In a similar vein, no two surrogacy professionals are the same, so there isn’t a single professional who will be the right fit for everybody. Only you can know what is best for you, so be sure to ask the professional as many questions as you need. This way you can prevent stress in the long term. Also, there is no such thing as the “perfect” surrogacy agency, as there will be pros and cons unique to each one.

There Are Tradeoffs with any Surrogacy Agency

No matter what surrogacy professional you choose to work with, there are going to be some tradeoffs. For instance, some intended parents may have concerns about a particular surrogacy agency’s costs. But, do these surrogate agency ratings account for the value of the services the professional offers in exchange for their fees? Some agencies charge more upfront, but the benefits they provide are worth it. Other agencies charge less upfront, but then there are hidden fees that build up over time.

If you are a prospective surrogate, then something to watch out for is when a surrogacy professional offers exorbitant compensation rates. The average compensation is around $40,000, but some agencies may claim they can offer anywhere from $60,000 to even $80,000. This may sound too good to be true because that is often the case. You’ll find that this offer decreases quite a bit once you actually begin working with them.


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It Is Important to Do Your Research

Sometimes, negative reviews of surrogacy agencies are the result of a lack of knowledge of the process. Surrogacy is complex, and it can be difficult to understand its many ins and outs. As you read these reviews, be sure to do your research on how surrogacy works to gain a better understanding of what it involves. You may find that some of these reviews criticize the surrogacy process itself rather than the agency in question.

Some Reviews Are Fake

As is the case with the internet, not everything you see or read is true. That same bit of wisdom applies to online reviews. Some professionals may pay people to write a positive review, and others may pay people to write negative reviews of their competitors. Although these can be difficult to discern, it can be helpful knowing that they exist.

A key detail to look out for is when surrogacy agency reviews mention specific characteristics of the agency. For instance, when they mention a staff member’s name or the year they worked with the professional, these can be helpful details to know. Look for examples of what people enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about the professional, and pay attention to reviews that go beyond simple adjectives such as “good” or “bad.”

Also, rather than getting lost in the weeds of individual complaints, take a look at the bigger picture. Does this surrogacy agency have a solid reputation? What services do they offer for prospective surrogates and intended parents? Keeping these questions in mind can help you find the best surrogacy professional for your needs.

If you have more questions about what to look for in surrogacy agency reviews, reach out to a surrogacy professional today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about surrogate agency ratings, and we’d love to help you out in whatever way that we can!

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